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Twenty-Five Twenty One Ending Explained, Episode 16 Recap and Update on Season 2!


Twenty Five Twenty One concludes with Hee-do and Ye-jin confronting one another and breaking up after being together for years. However, they both regret what angry and emotional they were at the time of their separation. Hee-do expresses her regret in her diary, stating that she wishes things had not turned out so badly for her. Later, Hee-do makes the mistake of forgetting her diary on a bus, and she requests that the driver contact her if the diary is discovered. It is eventually delivered to Ye-jin, who had requested it due to the fact that it contained a card containing his contact information. When he reads the diary, which chronicles several years of his relationship with Hee-do, he is moved to tears as he realizes just how much Hee-do cared for him. They track each other down and share a tearful embrace, but Ye-jin is about to leave for work in America, so they must part ways.

Seven years later, Hee-mother, do’s a reputable news broadcaster, is looking for a replacement to succeed her. She chooses Ye-jin, who is now a successful journalist, for the job, and he returns to Korea to take up the position with her. Hee-do, it turns out, has tied the knot with another woman. In previous episodes, we learned that she also has a teenage daughter, and in this episode, we learn that a local bookstore owner gave her Hee-diary do’s while her daughter was staying at her grandmother’s house. Despite Ye-request jin’s that the shop owner keeps it safe and returns it to Hee-do, the item was placed in storage and forgotten about for several years before being discovered. After Hee-daughter do’s has taken the diary, she gives it to Hee-do who reads it and reminisces about her relationship, and then notices that there is an entry on the last page that she did not write herself. Ye-jin was reading the book at the time, and the author decided to include an additional message expressing his own regret for how things had turned out.

Hee-do returns to the location where the couple ended their relationship and relives the event, but instead of recalling the way they angrily fell out with one another, she imagines all the things they didn’t say to one another, wishing one another well and telling one another how much they mean to one another. Hee-do and her boyfriend are dating for the first time. She reflects on their first summer together, when they fell in love and managed to spend time with their friends, as a montage of their best memories plays on the screen in front of her. With that, the season comes to a close, and despite the fact that nothing is definitively stated, Hee-do and Ye-jin do not reconcile. However, if Twenty Five Twenty One is renewed for a second season, there will always be more stories to tell.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One Update on Season 2!

Twenty Five Twenty One will be renewed for a second season, But the release date has not been announced by Netflix yet. A second season is always possible based on the fact that the show was already in their non-English-speaking Top Ten for several months after its premiere, so it’s always possible.

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