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Trigun Stampede Anime Air Its First Trailer, Release Date Status, Cast Details & Other Info

A remake of Trigun, one of the most popular anime shows of the late 1990s, was just announced a few weeks ago. Surprisingly, we got our first look at this new version of the sci-fi western pretty quickly. On Saturday, at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, the footage was shown for the first time.

Studio Orange’s stylized CG art is used for Stampede, which is different from the 1998 series that came before it (Beastars, Godzilla Singular Point). The result looks a little bit like the Guilty Gear games. The staff is also new to the series. Kenji Mutou (Beastars, Cavity Express) will be in charge of the series, and Kouji Tajima (Parasyte, Attack on Titan) will be in charge of the concept and character design. The voice actors are also new, with Yoshitugu Matsuoka doing the voices.

Even though Stampede is a remake, the story is still the same: Vash the Stampede is a gunslinger known as the “Humanoid Typhoon” who has come to the desert planet of No Man’s Land. Vash’s goal, with the help of insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, is to stay out of the hands of the many bounty hunters who want to make a lot of money off of his bounty while staying true to his pacifist beliefs.

The original manga by Yasuhiro Nightow and the first anime version by Studio Madhouse were both well-liked, and the anime, in particular, has been named one of the best series of all time many times. Trigun: Badlands Rumble was the first and only movie based on the anime. It came out in 2010.

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