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Celebrated actress Tracee Ellis Ross posts Instagrams of her birthday outfits

Tracee Ellis Ross is celebrating her new age by posting photos from her birthday celebrations on Instagram. Naturally, Tracee Ellis Ross is continuing to party it up in honor of her monumental birthday.

The now-50-year-old actress celebrated her birthday over the weekend by posting an Instagram photo of her chic, casual outfit and one of the many LEWKS she undoubtedly served to her fans in honor of the occasion.

The actress took to the site to post a slew of pictures of herself wearing a translucent yellow dress with a slit up to her thighs in celebration of her birthday.

The stunning woman complemented her sheer black top with black leather boots, huge black futuristic square-framed eyeglasses, and black dangling earrings. For the social media photo shoot she had in honor of her birthday, she wore her locks in a mohawk style with enormous buns, and she served face and body.

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The stunning model simply captioned the photo set, “BIRTHDAY LOOK no. 1.”


Tracee recently revealed her excitement for turning 50 just a few weeks before the big day. According to the actress, “I’m pretty pleased about it [turning 50].

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The passage of time has always been something I’ve enjoyed. In a very genuine sense, I have. Despite her enthusiasm for the special occasion, she has no qualms about warning her admirers that aging isn’t always a picnic.

She remarked, “There are certain things that are extremely unusual.” As a woman undergoing perimenopause, “hot flashes” feel like “a personal summer just enters from the inside.”

She said, “I feel like I am wiser; I am more comfortable in my own flesh.” If you had told me when I was a young adult — in my twenties or teens — that I would eventually be someone who could do scary things, which could be comfortable even when they were uncomfortable, who could live life on life’s terms, which could intuitively handle situations that used to baffle them, and who had an unbreakable, unshakeable foundation for life underneath them, I would have said, “There’s no way.”

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Ultimately, she said, “I was terrified, and I felt uncomfortable in my skin, and all of these things.”

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