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Who Is Tose Page And How Is He Related To Rege-Jean Page?

Rege-Jean Page, the English actor who rose to fame with his breakthrough performance in Bridgerton, has an older brother named Tose Page. He is a producer and musician from England. A life-altering experience that affects one member of a family may also affect nearly every member of that same family.

Even if Tose pursues his own musical career, his famous brother’s accomplishments always seem to overshadow any conversation about Tose and his return to his brother’s shadow. Together, let’s explore all there is to know about Tose Page!

How Old Is Tose Page?

Tose Page also known as Tosin Page, was born in 1990 so as of now he is 33 years old. Rege-Jean Page, his younger brother who is a superstar, is 30 years old.

His parents were English and from Zimbabwe, and he was born in London, England. His father was an English preacher, and his mother was a nurse who worked at a hospital in London when he was born.

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Based on the birth circumstances of his brother Rege-Jean, it appears that Tose is the first of four children and is of mixed blood. The only thing about his parents’ history that is known is that they are of different cultural races. Tose was reared in London, yet his heritage is recognized as English and Zimbabwean.

How Do Rege-Jean Page And Tose Page Relate?

Tose and Rege-Jean Page share a biological relationship. Tose Page is the older brother of Rege-Jean Page, as was previously mentioned. Before going back to London for their studies, they were born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe.

How Do Rege-Jean Page And Tose Page Relate
How Do Rege-Jean Page And Tose Page Relate

They formed a rock band together after they got back to the UK. We are unable to verify whether or not the music band had a name. Together, they performed at numerous shows, with Rege-Jean serving as the band’s lead vocalist and Tose as a backup musician who occasionally played the bass or drums.

Rege-Jean studied sound engineering at the National Youth Theatre in London and took up acting as a hobby at Saturday school, despite his passion for music. He also had hopes of becoming an actor.

The brothers appear to be close because of their activities together, but Tose is the most private of the group, therefore not much is known about him. After some time spent together, Rege-Jean began pursuing a career in film acting, and two years into his audition process, the Drama Centre London accepted him.

What Is Tose Page’s Line Of Work?

With his brother Rege-Jean Page, Tose Page performs, writes songs, and produces music together as Tunya Music. It appears that Tose and his brother are still close through their childhood musical bond. Rege-Jean finally pursued a career in film acting, but Tose continued to pursue his musical goals in secret.

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Although the exact date and method of the Tunya Music group’s formation are unknown, it is said that the two have been writing songs together and performing in different bands since they were in their teens. According to their official music group webpage, Tunya Music, the two currently independently produce their own music and collaborate with others.

The pair published a single song called “Don’t Wait” around a year ago. Renowned actor and filmmaker Lanre Malaolu directed the music video, which was posted on YouTube. To the amazement of many Rege-Jean fans who were unaware of his musical abilities, the song went viral and received close to 400k views on YouTube.

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