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Top 10 Things to Do on Your Next Trip to Tijuana, Mexico

Located just across the US – Mexico border not far from San Diego, CA, Tijuana is a popular vacation spot in Mexico. Its proximity to the U.S., a variety of fun attractions and beautiful scenery have secured its popularity with tourists. Here are 10 things to do in Tijuana on your next trip to this city, from beaches to taco trucks.

1. Grab a Street Taco

Street food, especially tacos, is one of the main attractions of Tijuana! So if you are wondering about what to do in Tijuana and where to start – start with a gastro experience from authentic local street cuisine, which will give you a taste of both local culture and great food experience in one. A couple of popular places to visit in Tijuana for the street food are Taconazo and Brasa Taqueria.

2. Visit the local markets

Tijuana is home to many local markets, including Mercado El Popo and Mercado Hidalgo. A visit to a local market is an excellent option for those looking to experience the unique flavor of the city, both literally and metaphorically! The city’s markets are a great place to find souvenirs, buy locally grown food and sample delicious cuisine and actually find more fun things to do in Tijuana.

3. Visit the Catedral Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Cathedrals and other religious buildings are in many cases the pinnacles of local culture and architectural standards, and this cathedral is no exception! Built in a colonial and neoclassical style, this building is well worth a visit and taking a photo or two.

4. Check out the beach

Here’s another great place for a mixture of both relaxation and excitementing activities in Tijuana! City beach is a great place to watch the sunset or enjoy a few drinks with a group of friends. A little less touristy, Tijuana Beach is also a great place to get a little further away from the city. The Coronado Islands on the U.S. side are also often visible from this beach!

5. Take a guided tour

This is a great option for those traveling to Tijuana as well as Mexico for the first time! Several tours are available, usually starting in San Diego, with a variety of approaches, and are a great way to avoid some of the potential trip planning hassles. You can pub crawl, tour the best tacos in the area, or go sightseeing, all with the added convenience of an expert guide and a pre-planned itinerary. Any time, if you decide to stay for a couple days more in Tijuana, you can book a hotel room or find any type of vacation rentals at

6. Experience the nightlife of Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana has a reputation as a party town for a reason: it has a great nightlife! To experience it for yourself, head downtown. Avenida Revolución, also mentioned above, as well as Plaza del Zapato, are areas that are home to a variety of excellent nightclubs and bars.

7. Visit La Mona de Tijuana

Here’s another great option for sightseeing and photo ops! This 5-floor tall statue was built in 1989 by local artist Armando Garcia. Originally built in his backyard, it now stands near the airport. An additional piece of fun curiosity about this giant statue is that its creator, along with his wife, once lived inside it. Definitely La Mona statue is among Tijuana tourist attractions which one you want to visit.

8. Explore Revolucion Avenue

This colorful and artistic street is one of the great places to visit in Tijuana, Mexico and get a great picture of it! Home to several stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels, you won’t get bored here! If you are looking for homemade crafts, this is also a great street to visit: it is home to several street vendors and smaller stores as well. Tijuana Tours Click Here

9. Stop by the Tijuana Cultural Center

Tijuana may have a vibrant party scene, but it also has an equally vibrant culture and history. You can learn all about those aspects at the Tijuana Cultural Center. This unique spherical-shaped location features exhibits, a theater and some outdoor gardens. Tours Click here

10. Enjoy a Caesar Salad

Did you know that Caesar Salads originated in Tijuana? That’s right, the birthplace of the now famous salad was at Caesar’s restaurant in the city, over 100 years ago. Caesar’s is still open to this day and serves some equally iconic and delicious food.

Hope you liked this post about things to do in Tijuana, Mexico and I see you on a new adventure very soon.

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