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Tom Petty First Wife: The Woman Who Knew Him Before The Fame

Tom Petty’s childhood home in Gainesville, Florida, was on the market for only a short time before its buyer was discovered to be the rock star’s ex-wife.

Who is Tom Petty First Wife?

Jane Benyo Petty, the first wife of the late rock ‘n’ roll legend, has purchased the house where Tom Petty spent his boyhood.

Tom Petty First Wife
Tom Petty First Wife

The Gainesville house at 1715 NE Sixth Terrace sold on July 31 for $175,000. It has 1,300 square feet. The property appraiser’s website formerly withheld the sale documents.

Petty spent his formative years in this three-bedroom, two-bathroom house. After his passing in 2017, the adjoining park received its current name, Tom Petty Park. He was 66.

Benyo Petty, aka Jane Petty, and Tom Petty first met not long after he had finished high school because their families had once shared a neighborhood. They tied the knot in 1974 and called it quits in 1996. Adria and Annakim were the couple’s offspring.

“When I went to the house, it had changed, and it didn’t look the same, but I thought we should have it in the family,” said Benyo Petty.

Petty started his musical career with the band Mudcrutch, which he created in his hometown of Gainesville. In the 1980s, he was a member of the band The Traveling Wilburys with Bob Dylan, The Beatles’ George Harrison on guitar, Jeff Lynne, and Roy Orbison.

While most of the house has been updated, the pink tile in the bathroom has been preserved from when the Petty family lived there. The residence is a popular photo spot for fans and visitors.

During last year’s Tom Petty Birthday Bash weekend, Benyo Petty stopped by the house. It had been over 15 years since her previous visit to the city. She said she fell in love with the place all over again and can’t wait to return. “There’s no place like Gainesville, and I’ve been everywhere,” stated the woman.

Sheriff Sadie Darnell of Alachua County is Petty’s cousin, and she grew up next door. They used to spend time at the park, now known as Northeast Park, when they were younger. She mentioned that she had viewed the home recently and was relieved to hear that it would remain in the family. She expressed concern over potential plans for the house when it was put up for sale.

“I’m very, very relieved that Jane decided to buy it,” Darnell exclaimed. We are “relieved and appreciative.”

Kevin Beauchamp, a real estate agent from California, had planned to buy the mansion before it went up for sale and was considering teaming up with a local group to transform it into a museum dedicated to Petty. After hearing interest from relatives, Beauchamp says he decided to back out of the transaction.

Benyo Petty has stated that she will not be using the house anytime soon but that her grandkids may inherit it in the future.

“I’m not going to make a museum out of it,” replied the woman.

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Who Was Tom Petty’s Second Wife Dana York?

In 1991, Dana York met Tom Petty after attending one of his concerts in Texas.

She was still married at the time, so that they couldn’t get romantically interested, but they reconnected in 1996.


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Tom says Dana “saved” him by assisting him in overcoming his drug addiction and mending fences with his kids.

After they started dating, he committed to therapy, and Dana was there to support him as he worked to overcome his addiction.

On June 3, 2001, the pair tied the knot in Las Vegas, and a week later, they held a more intimate ceremony in front of family and friends.

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