Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date Confirmed For 2023 – Everything You Need To Know

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Tokyo Revengers is a 2017 action/science fiction Japanese manga by Ken Wakui. The manga is currently ongoing and on its 28th volume. The producers of the Tokyo Revengers anime opted to adapt the series after seeing the manga’s massive success. There was a June 2020 announcement for an anime TV series, and it premiered in April 2021. The second season of Tokyo Revengers was approved only three months after the previous one concluded. And the official season two trailer dropped in our laps just lately.

Tokyo Revengers follows the life of a middle-aged man named Hanagaki Takemichi. Hanagaki had a thriving social life and a stable romantic relationship 12 years ago. At the moment, he is a complete nothing, and he wants to commit himself because of how his life has been spent. But then something terrible happens that alters his entire existence.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Confirmed Release Date

The release date of the second season of Tokyo Revengers was just revealed on the show’s official Twitter and website. The release date for the Christmas Showdown Arc is set for January 2023. This is the perfect moment to catch up on the first season if you haven’t already. The second season trailer promises the return of the show’s main cast. Some of the characters shown in the preview include Takemichi Hanagaki, Takashi Mitsuya, Chifuyu Matsuno, Keisuke Baji, Ken Ryuguji, and Manjiro Sano. Please enjoy this brand-new trailer.

A new key graphic has been released alongside the trailer. Takemichi Hanagaki, Manjiro Sano, and the rest of the cast have gathered near the stairs. The cast and crew, including any voice performers, remain unknown. Nonetheless, season 2 of Tokyo Revengers will be animated by Liden Films. Christmas Showdown Arc will air on MBS, TV Tokyo, AT-X, and other Japanese television networks.

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers

Currently, you can watch Tokyo Revengers on Crunchyroll & Netflix.

More Details Tokyo Revengers Season 2

The first season of Tokyo Revengers is available on Crunchyroll, and the site has issued an official summary of the series for those who have not seen it yet.

“The freelancer Takemichi Hanagaki has hit rock bottom. In middle school, he dated Hinata Tachibana, but the vicious Tokyo Manji Gang took her life. A swarm of people shoved him over the station platform and into the tracks the day after he heard of her death. When he shuts his eyes in what he believes to be his final moments, he finds himself 12 years in the past. Takemichi, who had been living the good life again, vows to exact his revenge on the world by transforming himself and rescuing his girlfriend.”

Due to its success, the live-action film Tokyo Revengers premiered in Japan over the summer of last year; however, a North American release date has not yet been confirmed.

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