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Tngnt Net Worth: Unraveling Their Shark Tank Journey!

Tngnt Ski Bikes is a firm that makes ski bikes that provide riders the power and flexibility they need to ride. With the help of this Tngnt Carve All-Mountain Ski Bike, you can easily go between trees, jumps, chutes, and other obstacles in the snow.

With this bike, a beginner who is starting a winter sport can easily master snow riding. Austrian ski producer Engelbert Brenter obtained the first patent for the ski bike in 1949.

The origins of Tngnt Ski Bikes Inc. have a complicated history. Scott Carr and Bill Pierce, two old buddies from high school, founded this business.

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Tngnt Net Worth

Scott Carr and Bill Pierce founded the ski bike company Tngnt Ski Bike in 2014. Tngnt Ski Bike’s net worth is estimated to be between $0.5 million and $1.7 million as of October 2023.

They made an appearance on Shark Tank USA during season 14 in March 2023 and struck a deal with Robert Herjavec for $200,000 for 40% of the company. In comparison to the founder’s initial estimate of $1 million, the ultimate worth was $500,000 instead.

What Is Tngnt Ski Bikes?

A ski bike manufacturing company called Tngnt Ski Bikes is situated in Bluefidley, Utah. This manufacturer uses the company retention system to create ski bikes.

The purpose of this retention system is to provide the rider’s legs with the greatest possible range of motion, strength, and flexibility while they are riding—19 patents for this company’s products.

Tngnt Net Worth

These manufacturer’s three bike models are Drift, Carve 2.0, and Carve 2.0 Pro. They cost $999, $1,499, and $2,399 respectively. In addition to all of this, it offers ski bike accessories. The manufacturer ships the bike to both Canada and the United States.

Who Is The Founder of Tngnt Ski Bikes?

Two friends from high school, Scott Carr and Bill Pierce, founded the Tngnt Ski Bikes firm. These two pals come from various backgrounds. In the fields of mountain bike and ski bike technologies, Scott has years of experience.

Bill, a specialist in professional design and aerospace technology, was in charge of the bike’s technical aspects.

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What Happened To Tngnt Ski Bikes At The Shark Tank?

In Season 14 of Shark Tank, Tngnt Ski Bikes requested $200,000 for 20% stock but ultimately accepted Robert Herjavec’s offer of $200,000 for 40% equity. The business sells ski bike accessories in addition to its three different bike models.

Sharks were impressed by the item and its distinctive retention system after the presentation, which allows for the greatest range of motion, strength, and flexibility while riding.

On Shark Tank, Robert Herjavec made a transaction with TNGNT Ski Bikes. The transaction, nevertheless, fell short of their expectations. TNGNT Ski Bikes’ owners were looking for a shark to invest $200K in exchange for 20% of their business.

The founders eventually accepted Robert Herjavec’s offer of $200,000 for 40% stock. The creators of Tngnt Ski Bikes are continuously attempting to expand their company despite competition in the ski bike sector.

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