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5 Tips for Finding the Best Job Posting Sites Online

Job listing sites are the modern equivalent of newspaper classified ads because they act as a central hub for those seeking work and those looking to hire new employees. Of course, the nature of the internet means that job sites contain a far larger volume of both applicants and vacancies than traditional classifieds.

This makes job sites very useful, but it can also confuse those who are new to their use in recruitment.

5 Tips to Help You Identify the Best Job Posting Sites for You

There are many different kinds of job sites that you can choose from as an employer, from broad appeal sites that focus on high traffic, to niche sites aimed at specialist fields of employment. This variety can be a little confusing at first.

Finding the best job site to place your latest vacancy on doesn’t have to be a headache, however. You can read this list of job posting websites from to get an idea of the most popular options, for example, or do your own research with these five tips in mind.

Freelancers and Traditional Jobseekers Use Different Sites

Which job sites you use should be informed by the kind of employees you are looking for. If you want a skilled individual to complete ad hoc work or to undertake a single task, freelance oriented sites will be best for your job posting. If you want to find a traditional, long-term employee, however, you should stick to job sites centered on those roles.

High Traffic Means a Bigger Candidate Pool

While a large, popular site like Indeed might not offer the same array of highly qualified and specialized candidates that niche, industry-specific websites do, but they have more traffic.

Higher traffic means a wider applicant pool to draw from, and unless you are seeking someone with incredibly specific skills and qualifications (for example, someone with a doctoral degree in biochemistry), high traffic sites are your best chance to find someone who really fits the role you are advertising.

A Niche Market Can Make Up for Low Traffic

If you are looking for candidates with unusual, unique, or very specialized, industry-specific skills – for example within the medical, veterinary, or STEM fields – there are job sites dedicated to hosting postings aimed at these professionals. Don’t let the comparatively lower traffic fool you; if you need an industry specialist, niche job sites are the place to be.

Budget-Friendly Doesn’t Mean Low Quality

There are plenty of job sites that do not apply a charge when employers add a job posting. While it can seem that these sites must be somehow less reputable, this is untrue. Job sites that charge to host a posting tend to offer a more comprehensive and supportive service, while sites that do not are a little more ‘no frills.’

Either way, if you use a popular job site your job advert will be displayed to potential employees. If you are on a tight budget, a free-to-post job site may be just the right option for you.

Filtration Options are a Must

One feature that you should look for in any job site is the ability to actively filter resumes and applicants using key words and phrases. This simple feature makes it much easier to proactively seek suitable candidates and reach out to them. This will make the recruitment process shorter and far more effective in the long-term.

However, with all this in mind, there are also some red flags that you should look out for when it comes to job sites. Just as there are many small, niche job sites that are perfectly reputable, there are also some less trustworthy sites.

The first and most important check you can make is to look at the search bar. If you can see the symbol of a padlock, you know the site is deemed secure. If the padlock is broken, the site is classed as a potential risk. No reputable and effective job site should display this sign.

Likewise, while it is common for some premium job sites to charge businesses when they post a job advert, be wary of job sites that ask for money or a recurring fee before you have added a job posting.

Finally, you should check the job sites communication options before committing; a reputable, established job site should offer you a number of ways to contact their customer or technical support team. Consider these small details as well as the bigger features, and you will find the best job site for your business needs.



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