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Why Did Tiktok Couple Chris Olsen and Ian Paget Break Up? Everything You Need to Know

We all believe that love will last forever until it doesn’t. So many of us see couples making cute videos online, and all we want is that kind of love and affection for ourselves. But just because we see something on the screen doesn’t mean it’s the same when the cameras are off.

When Ian Paget and Chris Olsen started making TikToks a few months into their relationship, fans fell in love with them and their relationship.

But at the beginning of 2022, they said they were breaking up. Fans were very angry, but the two made sure to say that they are still friends.

Here are the reasons why they broke up.

What Caused Chris And Ian To Split Up?

Chris and Ian revealed in a January 2022 YouTube video that they felt pressurised to be the ideal pair. In a video titled “We Broke Up,” they explain how being in a public relationship affected them privately. They had been in a relationship for two years.

Ian added in the video, “Being in the public glare as we have been for the past year and a half to two years is crazy.”

“And tremendously intricate, multifaceted, and pressured, with so many elements. We’ve determined that it’s probably in our best advantage to move through the world without romance for the time being “he added.

Ian also stated that he and Chris may still have a “real, deep connection and relationship” despite their breakup.

tiktok couple chris olsen and ian paget
tiktok couple chris olsen and ian paget

Chris Olsen Said That His Breakup With Ian Paget Was Partly Because Of How Popular He Was On Tiktok.

Chris said in the video that he and Ian had only been together for seven months when they started making TikToks. He said that he and Ian didn’t know each other that well at that time. But getting so much mail from people online was hard on them.

“So, to be shipped as this, like, perfect, amazing couple, who, if we ever broke up, people wouldn’t believe in love, was just a lot of pressure,” Chris said.

Chris and Ian both agree that their fans didn’t mean to hurt them, even though the pressure was too much for them to handle. They aren’t blaming anyone for the breakup, and they’ve both posted TikToks about staying friends after the breakup.

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