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This Is Why Coco Diablo from Trick Or Treat Scooby-Doo’s Special! All You Need To Know

Scooby-Doo and the gang of mystery solvers have found their most intriguing case yet. HBO Max‘s “Scoob! Holiday Haunt” may have been canceled in 2022, but Hanna-Barbera still has a Halloween-themed Scooby-Doo project up its sleeve.

Digital releases of “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!” began on October 4, with a home media release set for October 18. In the most recent “Scooby-Doo!” adventure, the gang’s Halloween celebrations are disrupted by spectral doubles. A new addition to the Mystery Inc. cast, costume designer and purportedly repentant criminal Coco Diablo, joins the team on their next adventure.

Even though Velma has a crush on Coco Diablo, the costume designer, strange things start to happen when she’s around. In “Trick or Treat,” Velma Dinkley (Kate Micucci) is seen for the first time developing romantic feelings for another woman. But the mystery is made more complicated by Velma’s growing feelings for the film’s antagonist. The introduction of Diablo at this pivotal moment in “Scooby-Doo!” history has piqued the interest of viewers eager to learn more about her role in the series.

True “Scooby-Doo!” fans on the unofficial subreddit seem to approve of his romance with Velma. Because of all the hubbub surrounding Diablo, audiences may not be aware that the woman behind the character has voiced some of the most iconic cartoon characters of the last decade. Diablo is voiced by Myrna Velasco, who is quickly becoming a big name in the field of voice acting.

A Major Disney Franchise Featured A Villain Voiced By Myrna Velasco

Myrna Velasco’s first significant franchise-focused voice acting assignment was on “Descendants: Wicked World” on the Disney Channel, long before she was scaring Scooby-Doo and the gang. “Wicked World,” an animated prequel to the “Descendants” movies, aired for two seasons before ending in anticipation of the arrival of “Descendants 2.” All four original voice actors (Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, and Cameron Boyce) are back for the CGI series, solidifying it as canon in the “Descendants” universe.

After the events of the first Disney Channel film nominated for an Emmy, the core cast of “Wicked World” tries to do good in a world that still regards them as villains. Despite being lighter in tone than the movies, the animated series features several additional villainous children who have significant effects on the four main protagonists.

CJ (Velasco), the daughter of Captain Hook, is one of the new characters featured. CJ’s introduction causes friction between the villain kids and the Auradon kids because of his penchant for grand entrances and revelry in the mayhem. Her brother Harry Hook (Thomas Doherty) appears in both “Descendants 2” and the threequel, but CJ did not make the transition to the live-action features. C.J. has her own book that details her escapades when she’s not conspiring against the villain and the Aruradon youngsters called “School of Secrets: CJ’s Treasure Chase.”

Coco Diablo, The Voice Of The Green Lantern

The former “Wicked World” villain CJ is now a member of another blockbuster franchise, this time as a superhero in “Scooby-Doo!” In the cartoon series “DC Super Hero Girls,” Jessica Cruz, the Green Lantern, is voiced by Myrna Velasco. Kimberly Brooks’s Wonder Woman, Tara Strong’s Batgirl, Nicole Sullivan’s Supergirl, Kari Wahlgren’s Zatanna, and Darren Criss’s Bumblebee make up this version of the Justice League (Kimberly Brooks).

The team first appeared in “#TheLateBatsby,” a short film released in conjunction with the 2018 theatrical release of “Teen Titans Go!” to the Movies. Even though the show didn’t start until 2019, it has shared the screen with “Teen Titans Go!” more than once since then.

 The Scooby-Doo Villain Is A Star Wars Pilot

 Myrna Velasco has helped bring to life characters from a wide range of properties, but the IP from a galaxy far, far away is probably the one that stands out the most. Velasco provided the voice for a major character in 40 episodes throughout two seasons of “Star Wars Resistance.”

The Emmy-nominated series chronicles the exploits of a Resistance pilot who spies on the First Order and airs on Disney Channel and Disney XD. “Resistance” has received acclaim for providing a realistic look at the Resistance and expanding the canon of the “Star Wars” second trilogy.

Among The Many Characters In The Madagascar Series Is One Named Myrna Velasco

In addition to being one of DreamWorks’ highest-grossing franchises, “Madagascar” has also won over audiences worldwide (via The Numbers). It’s not surprising that the comedy series was adapted for television given its massive success. DreamWorks Animation Television ordered, “Madagascar: A Little Wild” as a prequel series to “The Penguins of Madagascar” and “All Hail King Julien,” focusing on the zoo experiences of Alex, Gloria, Melman, and Marty when they were young. The animated series has a 5.9 rating on IMDB and has gotten mostly excellent reviews. About 50 episodes of “A Little Wild” were made during the course of the show’s eight-season run.

Velasco told The Beat that Lucia is her favorite character on the show and that the show is “very healthy.” We never get to see Lucia in the “Madagascar” films. It would be nice to see how an older Lucia gets along with the four best buddies any animal could have in a fourth “Madagascar” movie.

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