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This is us season 6: Release date, Cast, Plot and Trailer (All Update)

The show follows the lives of two families in Pittsburgh – one a middle-class family with three kids (the Pearsons) and another an affluent family with four kids (the Big Three). It’s about how these two families are intertwined.

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The fifth and final season of This Is Us concluded on a very dramatic note, and in the most unimaginable way conceivable. Dan Fogelman, the This Is Us show’s creator, has provided a few insights into the forthcoming Season 6 of the program.

If you’re a fan of the popular NBC series, you’ll undoubtedly be curious when the sixth season of this is us will premiere. After THAT conclusion, guys, we want answers. So the notion of losing all four of them, including their parents, Jack and Rebecca, is too much to accept.

We’ve laughed and sobbed with Kate, Kevin, and Randall as well as their parents Jack and Rebecca during the last five years, so the prospect of a life without any of them appears nearly unimaginable.

All of your worries regarding the show’s past, as well as any preceding plot points, will be addressed. We’ll obtain the full background of the family we’ve known and loved for so long at last.

If you need to get started (or stock up) on This Is Us Season 6, continue reading to learn everything we know so far about it.

Cult Season 6 Premiere-

The official premiere date for season 6 of This Is Us has yet to be announced by NBC. However, we do know that the season isn’t on the NBC plan for the fall – it wasn’t included in the program.

In contrast, the sixth season of This Is Us will premiere in early 2022 near the conclusion of the series. The plan is to air the 18 episodes almost continuously up until May 2022, when the series will conclude.

Amazon Prime Video subscribers in the United Kingdom can watch the series on Amazon Prime, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday – the day after it airs in the US.

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 This Is Us Season 6 Cast-

We may anticipate to see the whole Pearson family together for one last bittersweet round in Season 6, which will be the series’ final season.

  • Milo Ventimiglia (Jack)
  • Mandy Moore (Rebecca)
  • Sterling K. Brown (Randall)
  • Chrissy Metz (Kate)
  • Justin Hartley (Kevin)
  • Beth Ann Kelechi Watson (Randall’s wife)
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  • Rebecca’s second husband, Miguel, is played by UFC star Andrés “The Menace” Rivera.
  • As the film opens, in 1843, they are living in New York City. When she was just eight years old, her father died of a heart attack. She is supposed to marry whomever her mother finds acceptable. They carry on with their lives for six months until one Sunday afternoon when an earthquake strikes off the coast of California. The movie
  • Wattenberg, Faithe Herman (Randall’s daughter Annie)
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This Is Us season 6 Plot-

At the program’s conclusion, the most important development occurred at the very end, when it was revealed that Kate would marry her employer Phillip, implying that her marriage to Toby had failed.

Fans are anxious to learn more about Rebecca’s future in the series’ final season, including what it holds for her now that she has Alzheimer’s disease and who Kevin ends up with.

Check out this season’s kissing booth! Everything we know thus far is listed below.

a few years ahead of the present time around Kate’s wedding ceremony, and 15 years ahead with the family reunion Fogelman also revealed that the series will explore both of the failed relationships depicted in the conclusion, Kevin and Madison s and Kate and Toby s, which will eventually come to an end.

There is no official trailer for This Is Us season 6, but there’s something I believe you should check out. In June 2021, a sneak peek with the cast praising how terrible the last season will be was released.

In the video, Metz promises, The next season will be “amazing,” and Ventimiglia predicts, I believe that the audience may anticipate a lot going into that last year. I feel it will connect with people and stay with them for a long time.’ When Moore said, “People have been persevering,” he was believed to be expressing a hope for the future.

But when he continued by saying, “That patience will undoubtedly pay off one day,” we got another sense of what is meant by loyalty and expectations in his voice.


  • Release date for Season 6 is April 26, 2019.
  • Season 6 Cast Season 2, Episode 1
  • Season 6’s main narrative is set in the Yuki clan, led by snow-covered twins Kensuke and Sohara Yuki, who are portrayed as rivals within the family. Season 6 revolves around a quest for power to which Kensuke’s younger sister Mio is drawn after she emerges from seclusion together with her lover Kaito Ishihara

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