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‘The Whale’ Trailer: Brendan Fraser’s Comeback with outstanding performance

Brendan Fraser, the popular action star of the 1990s, is back, but this time he’s opted for darker, more tragic roles. He plays the lead role in Darren Aronofsky’s most recent movie, The Whale, which is based on a Samuel D. Hunter play.

Charlie (Fraser), an English teacher who is obese and plans to eat himself to death, is the subject of “The Whale.” His gay lover’s abandonment and death have caused him much suffering, which has resulted in frequent binges. Sadie Sink, a fan favorite from “Stranger Things,” plays Charlie’s 17-year-old daughter, and Charlie is having trouble getting along. The 600-pound man now has one final opportunity to make amends with his child.

Hong Chau, Samantha Morton, and Ty Simpkins also appear in the movie alongside Fraser and Sink. The play of the same name by playwright Samuel D. Hunter served as the inspiration for the script.

The film has drawn criticism for encouraging fatphobia, especially when Fraser is seen wearing a fat costume. Charlie ultimately transforms into “a Christ figure whose masochistic ability is to absorb the brutality of everyone around him and store it safely inside his huge frame,” as our review put it.

Fraser’s portrayal in “The Whale” received high praise from critics and won a six-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival, which brought the actor to tears. Fraser received comparable standing ovations during his screenings at the London Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. Fraser is widely regarded as the best actor contender for the Oscars.

The Whale will be released in theatres on December 9,

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