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John Legend blocks Blake Shelton to get ‘one of the best singers’

Camila Cabello keeps getting better and better at her job as a coach on “The Voice.” During the second half of the Season 22 premiere on Tuesday night, Cabello was able to get Arizona mariachi singer Reina Ley. Ley is only 13 years old, but she is very talented.

Ley’s strong performance of the Mexican standard “Cielito Lindo” moved Cabello and fellow coach Gwen Stefani so much that they got out of their seats and danced around onstage while Ley sang. “Your voice is really good.

Cabello, who is also of Mexican descent, said, “I love that you are singing a mariachi song.” “I am so proud of our culture, and all of that music is such a beautiful thing to listen to.”

When Ley chose to join Team Camila, it was a perfect match. Cabello said of Ley, “This is the kind of artist I wanted.” “She has such a smooth, beautiful voice, but she is also an excellent singer… I felt like she could be my little sister because I was an immigrant child.”

Here are some other things that happened on Tuesday’s episode.

Camila Cabello gets a singer from John Legend with a passionate pitch

The 22-year-old singer Chello won over Cabello and coach John Legend with his unique tone and smooth performance of “Just the Two of Us” by Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers. Cabello liked the Pennsylvania singer’s voice and said she could “picture listening to your records in the car.”

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“It was just your tone that made the song so cool without any riffs or ran at first,” Cabello told her. “I am ready to get down on my knees and beg because I know John will try to have the last word, but I think you have a lot of potentials.” Legend said that Chello’s stage presence made him feel “joy,” and he got along with the singer because they both used to sing in church.

But Cabello would not let Legend say anything else. The singer and Chello became friends because they both liked singer-songwriter Jon Bellion. “It is so evident that you are a fan… “I like you because I see a lot of my favorite artists in you,” Cabello said.

“I just want to sing and perform with someone like you.” Because Cabello did not give up, Chello chose to join Team Camila. Legend said afterward, “Camila is new, but she has shown herself to be very strong.” “She has hit me a lot lately. She wants to hurt me.”

Gwen Stefani stands between four-chair singer Kevin Hawkins and John Legend

Kevin Hawkins, a middle school piano teacher, blew away the coaches with his silky smooth vocals and electric performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Is not She Lovely?” This earned him a four-chair turn. But Legend was taken out of the running right away when Stefani hit the block button and stopped him from pitching himself to Hawkins.

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“I do not have a chance to fight for a piano teacher who sings Stevie Wonder,” Legend said. “Kevin, I wish we could work together. Thank you, Gwen, for taking that chance away from us.” “I just wanted to make sure you got the right coach,” Stefani told Hawkins.

Your voice sounds like it came from a record or a Grammy performance. You will be great on this stage.” Blake Shelton tried to take advantage of Legend’s block by being funny.

He said, “You may have come here hoping to get John Legend to turn around.” “I am here to tell you that on this season, I am the next best thing to John Legend.” Hawkins was convinced by Shelton’s reasoning, so she joined Team Blake.

After that, Legend said, “This is what happens when you block me.” “It does not work.”

Blake Shelton tries to steal John Legend’s job as a country singer

Peyton Aldridge, a youth basketball coach, brought the house down with his country growl and commanding cover of “Can not You See” by The Marshall Tucker Band. This made Legend, Stefani, and Shelton spin around in their chairs.

Legend blocked country star Shelton immediately, making it impossible for him to get Aldridge for his team. “Your voice just drew me in so much. Legend told Aldridge, “Your voice is so strong, clear, and beautiful.” He then joined Aldridge onstage for a quick cover of his song “All of Me.” “I also thought you might like Team Blake,” she said.

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Stefani liked Aldridge for more than just her music. Stefani told her, “What is interesting about you is that you already know so much about who you are.” “I just want to get in there and figure out how to get people to really know your personality and get to your heart.”

Shelton was not happy about being blocked, so he used it as a chance to get back at Legend. Shelton said, “John Legend can kiss my ****.” “John singing for you was a great moment, and it was extraordinary.

But he would be talking about you on the “Today” show tomorrow morning if, after that moment, you chose Gwen Stefani as your coach. He would say, “Oh my gosh, I can not believe he did that!” Aldridge chose Legend as his coach in the end because Legend blocked him.

Legend said afterward, “Peyton is one of the best singers in the competition so far.” “I am glad I blocked Blake because I would have probably lost Peyton to him if I hadn’t.”

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