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The Venture Bros Movie 2023: Release Date, First Look Revealed In Short Clip

The First Look: "Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart"

Two years ago, fans of The Venture Bros were thrilled by the announcement of an upcoming movie adaptation of the cult classic animated series. Now, the first look at the much-anticipated project, titled “The Venture Bros: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart,” has been unveiled.

In the first clip released from the film, a group led by Brock Samson (voiced by Patrick Warburton) is on a mission to find Hank Venture. Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak), Dean Venture (Michael Sinterniklaas), and General Hunter Gathers (Chris McCulloch) observe the situation. The clip concludes with Brock discovering an unconscious Hank, leaving viewers eager to learn his fate.

Release Date (Expected)

Adult Swim has confirmed that the movie will be released sometime in later 2023, so fans won’t have to wait much longer for this cinematic adventure.

A Stellar Cast Returns and Newcomers Join

“The Venture Bros: Radiant is the Blood of the Baboon Heart” picks up after the events of the series’ season 7 finale, following a nationwide manhunt for Hank Venture. The original cast, including Urbaniak, Warburton, Sinterniklaas, McCulloch, and Doc Hammer, will reprise their roles from the series. The movie will also introduce several newcomers, such as:

– Nina Arianda as Mantilla
– Clancy Brown as Daisy and Red Death
– John Hodgman as Snoopy
– Hal Lublin as Clayton
– Jane Lynch as Bobbi St. Simone
– Charles Parnell as Jefferson Twilight
– Jay Pharoah as Nuno Blood
– Steven Rattazzi as Dr. Orpheus
– JK Simmons as Ben
– Dana Snyder as The Alchemist

The official synopsis for the film reveals the story’s high stakes: “A nationwide manhunt for Hank Venture leads to untold dangers and unexpected revelations, while The Monarch is literally out for Dr Venture’s blood. An imposing evil from the past reemerges to wreak havoc on the Ventures, The Guild, and even the Monarch marriage—it will take friends and foes alike to restore the Ventures’ world to order… or end it once and for all.”

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A Beloved Series Makes Its Cinematic Debut

Created by Chris McCulloch and Doc Hammer, The Venture Bros was one of Adult Swim’s first original programs, amassing a dedicated fanbase during its 15-year production run. Despite having only seven seasons, the show holds the record for the fewest seasons produced per year of continuous production for a scripted series. Now, with the upcoming movie adaptation, fans are eager to see their favorite characters embark on a new adventure in 2023.

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