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The Magicians Season 6 Release Date Status: Is There A Season 6 The Magicians?

The charming TV show on Syfy has come to a sad end. The cable channel has decided to cancel the show, so the fifth season, which ended on April 1, was the last one. The intriguing book series by Lev Grossman was turned into a TV show by Sera Gamble (You) and John McNamara.

Since the first season came out in December 2015, it has been entertaining viewers. Throughout its five-year run, Rotten Tomatoes has given the fantasy show an average score of 91 percent.

The producers of The Magicians said that the show will not end because they couldn’t keep going with the story. But it might be hard to get another company to pick up the series because streaming services are more interested in new and exciting shows than in continuing old ones.

“We had a sense going into this season that Syfy, especially as our first platform, was kind of hitting the point of ‘the cup is full, and there’s no more room,'” says the show’s producer, Gamble.

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Why The Magicians Season 6  Cancelled by Netflix?

As was already said, the show was not kept going because the storyline was getting worse. Instead, the main reason it was canceled was that Syfy thought it was getting too expensive. The Magicians’ season 5 finale (now the series finale) didn’t leave any loose ends, which is good. The fantasy and spellbinding series may be over, but here are links to the first five seasons of the magical show for those who haven’t seen it yet. You can watch it on either SyFy or Amazon. Here’s how to get there.

The Magicians Season 6
The Magicians Season 6

Trailer Of The Magicians Season 6 

Since the show has been canceled, there won’t be a trailer for the sixth season. From season 1 to season 5, you can watch The Magicians on Prime Video.

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