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The Love Goddess Judy Tenuta Passed Away At The Age Of 72! All You Need To Know

Judy Tenuta, a well-known musician, and comedian passed away suddenly on October 6 at the age of 72. She has written two books and has been nominated twice for the Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

The Associated Press was informed of her passing by her spokesman, Roger Neal. He said it was always wonderful to be around her because she was such a hilarious and talented entertainer. 

Judy Tenuta, a stand-up comedian who went by the stage names The Love Goddess and Aphrodite of the Accordion, passed away suddenly on Thursday in Los Angeles at the age of 72 from ovarian cancer. She was reportedly one of the comedians who contributed to the success of live comedy in establishments like Caroline’s in New York City, the Laff Stop in Houston, and the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. She was well-known for her use of profanity as well as her accordion.

Although specific information is still anticipated, it is known that Judy Tenuta passed away after a fight with ovarian cancer in its fourth stage. Her family was present when she passed away, and she was at home.

Tenuta’s medical background is still unknown, and it is unclear whether she has ever experienced additional health problems. We anticipate hearing more information soon.

More About Judy Tenuta

Tenuta was an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights. She routinely served as the grand marshal at gay pride celebrations, performed at gay bars and clubs around the country, and was ordained as a minister so that she could execute same-sex nuptials. 

Tenuta was renowned for her outlandish, colorful, and unconventional personality and attire. The Petite Flower, Fashion-Plate Saint, Princess of Panty Shields, Empress of Elvis Impersonators, and Buffer of Foreheads were a few of her stage names. 

Tenuta was the first female stand-up comedian to be named best female comedian at the American Comedy Awards. She received two Grammy nominations for “Attention Butt-Pirates and Lesbetarians!” and “In Goddess We Trust,” respectively, for Best Comedy Album. Her works include Full Frontal Tenudity and The Power of Judysm.

Tenuta is survived by her life companion, Vern Pang, five brothers (Daniel, John, Steven, Thomas, and James), and sister Barbara, according to Variety. At Hollywood Forever, Tenuta will be buried.

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