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The Lincoln Lawyer Ending Explained in Details: Who Killed Lara Elliott?

In “The Lincoln Lawyer” on Netflix, well-known lawyer Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) goes back to criminal law after getting clean from drugs. Right away, Mickey is thrown into the deep end when his partner is killed in a mysterious way and leaves all of his cases to Mickey. Mickey’s work in the back of his car takes him all over Los Angeles, where he helps people who aren’t well off and tech billionaires. The mysterious death of his coworker also looms large, and Mickey is soon in the crossfire. Let’s look more closely at how the story ends in “The Lincoln Lawyer.” SPOILERS AHEAD.

What happened in the Trevor Elliott case?

Trevor Elliott (Christopher Gorham), who was accused of killing his wife, Lara, and her lover, Jan Rilz, throughout the show’s run, was adamant that he was innocent.

Trevor called the police when he found their bodies in their bedroom. They had been shot dead at point-blank range.

The accused person was the head of Parallax Games, and the best thing about their best-selling dark utopia, Nocturna, was how real the characters were. So real, in fact, that competitors wanted to copy the code.

Trevor’s defense would change often, but he always said that it was just to hide something bigger and worse than Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Haller) shouldn’t have known.

the lincoln lawyer
the lincoln lawyer

At one point, he even said that the whole case was connected to the Russian mob because of a business deal that would fall apart if Haller didn’t get him off.

In the end, he was found not guilty because it was shown that he couldn’t have killed the man and then thrown away his bloody clothes and gun in the seven minutes he would have had to do it.

But it turned out that not everything was as it seemed, and that this persistent businessman had tricked both Haller and the jury into thinking he was innocent. Even though he was roommates with the son of a Russian mobster in college, they hated each other and have nothing to do with each other now.

In the end, it was about money and power, and he wanted to keep both from his wife.

Lana was a good coder, and she was the reason why Parallax did well. But Trevor got the credit because she wrote the code while working at a rival company, and by contract, everything she made there belonged to them. So she gave it to Trevor so he could start his own business and no one knew.

But after 10 years of him taking credit for her work, she got tired of it and started having an affair while she was planning to leave Trevor and tell the truth. If they didn’t have a prenup, she would have gotten half of everything he owned, including the business.

He couldn’t let that happen, so he killed her and had a drone take the gun and his bloody clothes away from the scene before the police got there, so they couldn’t find them.

Trevor was proud of his victory, so he sold his company for a lot of money and threw a party to celebrate.

But his pride didn’t last long because Carol Dubois, a relative of Jan Rilz, killed him in front of a crowd with a gun.

Heller later figured out that one of the judges who was reviewing his cases when he went back to work was behind the plan to change juries (in exchange for a six-figure sum every time).

The ending

And now I’m going to celebrate when Haller goes to Judge Holder’s office for the last time. She knew how to get out of jury duty. She and her husband, who is a defense attorney, know how to prepare a juror, in this case, McSweeney so that a prosecutor doesn’t get rid of juror number seven. The note he sent to Judge Stanton in secret was what gave her away. He talked to his coworkers, and since she was his boss, it made sense that it was her who told McSweeney to leave town. The judge also hired McSweeney, a former client of her husband, to kill Haller (it wasn’t Elliott!). Lastly, she was the one who hired the “shady” PI firm to put the bug in his car.

Mick finishes talking to Holder, and then Griggs comes in, ready to do his public service.

Haller has been driving while talking to Izzy the whole season. They were on their way to the state prison to watch Menendez get out.

Maggie finally quits her job. Lora decides to attend law school. Mick rides that horse again and goes surfing. But a man is watching him. We can only see him from behind, but Gloria testified that he has a tattoo with Japanese writing on it.

The killer of Martha.

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