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The Finest Sports to Bet on at Canadian Betting Sites

Have a bad day? Too much stress at work? Can’t follow your favorite sports on TV? Well, why don’t you try a little sports betting?

In recent years, online sports betting has become a mainstream entertainment source in Canada. Well, not just in Canada but in the rest of the world as well. After the C-218 bill was introduced, provincial governments got the power to regulate the industry. It’s similar to what we’ve seen in the US.

Tim Harrison is a betting guru from BetZillion, and he’s shared the best betting sites in Canada for you. If you’re interested, try this link right here.

However, you’ll encounter a new problem once you visit those online betting sites. And to solve that problem, we’re going to cover the best sports leagues you can bet on! The “what to wager on” issue, to be precise.

Nova Scotia Today to the Best Sports Leagues in Canada for Betting

This section is dedicated to all the major sports leagues. These are not only popular in Canada but also in the US and other gambling jurisdictions. You can expect to find amazing markets and top-notch odds for these events.

NFL Betting

The NFL, or the National Football League, is the highest level of professional football in the US. It’s been one of the most popular sports leagues in the country since 1920. Every year, 32 teams come forward from two conferences and play for the trophy.

As it happens, the NFL provides an excellent market for betting as well. All significant sportsbooks you can find in Canada will offer markets for betting on the NFL. All kinds of bets go for these events, from match-winner to total score to the point spread.

Interestingly, wagering on NFL is the biggest source of revenue for Canadian sports betting sites. It only goes to show how much the Canucks love this sport!

NBA Betting

The craze for NBA is not confined to the US anymore. Rather, it has spread all over the world. The NBA is the ultimate showdown of basketball supremacy. So, it’s one of the best sports leagues to bet on from Canada.

Millions of punters spend time and money on the preseason, season, and playoffs. The operators of the betting sites also know how much punters love this sport. And so, they offer the most number of props bets for the NBA.

Who’ll be the MVP, who will emerge as the NBA rookie of the year, who will get the final field goal, etc., are all popular player pros at Canadian betting sites.

English Premier League Betting

In this part of America, soccer is not one of the popular sports among kids or sports enthusiasts. However, there’s no way to deny the global fascination with soccer. Soccer is what’s better known as football in the rest of the world.

Regarding football, the FIFA World Cup is the largest event of all. However, it’s only held every 4 years, so you can’t expect to find betting lines throughout the year.

The English Premier League, on the other hand, is a yearly tournament that draws millions of viewers and punters from all over the world. Canada is no different. That’s why Canadian sports betting sites like Quinnbet have an excellent collection of soccer bets throughout the year.

1×2 bets are the most popular for soccer betting. But you can find markets for the man of the match, player to get the first goal, number of corners, number of yellow/red cards, and many others.

NHL Betting

The National Hockey League (NHL) has a soft spot in the hearts of Canadian punters. As ice hockey is Canada’s national sport, the reason is not hard to understand. NHL is also a US major league where Canada has a few of its teams. 7 to be precise.

So, get ready to place your bets on the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks, and Winnipeg Jets.

MLB Betting

We can’t neglect baseball in a guide discussing all the major sports leagues. Baseball is closely held to the American Legacy, from the New York Yankees to the Boston Red Sox. MLB or Major League Basketball is also the biggest showdown of baseball events in the world.

So, MLB has always been a fantastic sport to bet on from Canada. Almost all the betting sites Tim has listed for you will offer markets on MLB. Also, all the major games from the league are held during summertime in Canada. So, it has been historically a preferred sport for betting by Canadians.

IPL Betting

Let’s face it. Cricket is not one of the first things that pop into your mind when you think about popular sports, right? Then again, it’s one of the most globally famous sports. And the sheer length of the cricket matches makes it a betting opportunity too juicy to let go of.

While IPL is a domestic league from India, it draws in a humongous number of viewers from all over the world. It even surpasses other significant leagues like BBL and ICC T20 World Cup!

If you’re unaware, IPL is a T20 league, played in 20 overs per innings only. Each innings takes approximately 2 hours to finish. It’s way shorter than the usual 50 overs in ODI matches, but the number of markets remains the same for a T20 game as well. Hence, it’s an excellent selection for your betting needs.

Things to Check Before Signing Up: My URL Pro Tips

After what you’ve read so far, you might be feeling intrigued to jump into an online betting site and start playing. Sure, go ahead and do that.

  • License: In all of our betting-related guides, we’ve emphasized the license. And we’ll keep doing it because a license is betting sites’ most prominent security element. Canadian provincial authorities license all gambling sites on Tim’s list. You should never sign up for a brand that can’t prove the validity of the license to you.
  • Customer Support: This is another aspect where many rookie punters go wrong. The online sportsbook may look excellent on paper, but if the customer support team is not good, you can’t expect a seamless betting experience.
  • Payment Methods: To deposit money into your online sportsbook account, you need a valid online payment method first. And the betting site you’re signing up for should offer a way you already have.
  • The number of Sports & Markets: At the end of the day, the collection of sports and associated markets will matter the most. So, check out the sports library at different times of the year to see what kind of sports the operator is offering.

Кead these tips before you do to ensure you’re not getting into legal or financial trouble.


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