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The Community Movie Has The Potential To Fix The Unsatisfactory Ending Of The Television Series

The TV show “Community” doesn’t have a good ending, but the upcoming Community movie streaming on Peacock may give the characters and viewers what they need.

Seven years after the final episode of Community aired, Abed Nadir’s wish for “six seasons and a movie” has finally come true. In 2023, Peacock, NBC’s streaming service, will debut the Community movie.

Every time it seemed like Community was going to end since it was originally announced in Season 2, Episode 20, “Paradigms of Human Memory,” the prospect of six seasons and a movie has given viewers optimism. 

However, the Community movie has been in the works for a while. The season finale gave the show the best possible conclusion while posing questions for a hypothetical Season 7 and advancing the stories of Abed and Annie Edison. The absence of Shirley Bennett and Troy Barnes, beyond an imagined appearance, rendered the denouement insufficient.

If the film is able to bring back the whole original cast (minus Pierce Hawthorne because of the accusations against Chevy Chase), the series might finally end the way it should.

Community cannot end properly without Troy and Shirley

Although their participation in the film has not been officially announced, Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown are probably going to show up as they both indicated interest during the cast reunion in 2020. (per Variety). To avoid giving away the surprise, their characters’ appearances may be kept a secret until the film’s release, but they must both feature in it. 

In Season 5, Troy departed Greendale to traverse the globe with LeVar Burton in search of Pierce’s riches. Even though it was painful to see Troy leave, his farewell was lovely and seemed both right and satisfying for his persona. But Troy should be reunited with Abed, his closest friend. Their relationship played a significant role in the community. 

The conclusion of Shirley, on the other hand, was really unsatisfactory. In Season 5, she had a one-liner that ended her marriage and prevented her from carrying on with her business. Instead, Shirley vanished in Season 6 with only a brief explanation that she had relocated to care for her father and had ended up working as a personal cook for a detective. The Community movie is a great chance to talk about Shirley’s personal and professional lives in depth and give her story a happier ending. 

Character development for Britta Perry made her into a joke

Britta Perry, who was formerly among the study group’s more intelligent and indispensable members, devolved into a parody of herself over the course of the show’s six seasons. More than any other figure, her suffering and tragedy become the subject of jokes all the time. Something became synonymous with making a minor error in “Britta.” And everyone in the group, including later-added characters, spoke beneath her. 

Annie and Abed left Greendale at the end of the community to pursue their ideal occupations, but Jeff stayed on as a professor. Britta did not have the same satisfying conclusion as they did. By the end of the series, she was the last survivor of the study group and was trapped going to Greendale and working at the bar out of necessity without having any specific goals or prospects for the future.

Britta’s plot can be changed in the Community movie, allowing for some much-needed character development. Instead of leaving Britta behind, the movie can benefit everyone by bringing the gang back together.

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