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The Benefits of Using an Independent Broker to Apply for a Commercial Mortgage

Commercial mortgages are a huge field, with thousands of lenders, terms, interest rates and conditions.

A whole-of-market, independent broker specialising in business finance is the key to unlocking the best finance packages for your business, securing your property acquisition as quickly as possible.

In this guide, Revolution Brokers explain why a commercial mortgage broker is essential for businesses of all sizes, whether buying a property to trade from or investing in a rental asset.

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The Advantages of a Commercial Mortgage Broker

With the size of the commercial lending market ever-increasing, we often hear about new brokers. However, the service offered isn’t always equal without the necessary experience and links to lenders.

We’d also recommend always using a whole-of-market broker since they aren’t tied into a specific bank or selling from a limited number of products.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using an independent commercial mortgage brokers to get your deal over the finish line.

Securing Alternative Commercial Mortgage Products

Unregulated commercial lending has countless options, from bridging loans to development finance, long-term commercial loans, and HMO mortgages for professional landlords.

Your broker can advise on all of the appropriate financing options, so you can choose the correct product and review like-for-like comparisons to identify the best strategy for cost savings.

Identifying Optimal Business Mortgage Solutions

We can also support business clients looking for a commercial mortgage who aren’t eligible for conventional business mortgages.

Many commercial mortgages aren’t straightforward and require a combination of products and services – such as blending insurance with a mortgage application to offset any risk to the lender.

Large, complex, long-term commercial mortgages can be negotiated directly with the lender, crafting a way to achieve your property aspirations while adhering to budgetary limitations.

Access to a Diverse Range of Commercial Mortgage Lenders

Many people turn automatically to their regular bank when they’re looking for a mortgage – but this isn’t always the right move or a successful one.

As an accomplished commercial mortgage broker, Revolution regularly works with:

  • Specialist lenders with flexible application criteria
  • Niche mortgage providers working in specific sectors
  • Bad credit lenders, focused on supporting clients unable to apply for a mortgage through mainstream channels
  • Off-market lenders, with highly specialised mortgage products that aren’t advertised or available to the general public

Your brokers’ relationship with the network of lenders is essential since you get access to a much broader range of potential mortgage providers than you otherwise would.

Many commercial lenders with outstanding rates prefer to process applications from brokers they know. This system cuts down on their administrative burden and the potential to receive countless applications that don’t fall within their eligibility policies.

Commercial mortgage brokers understand the market and can pinpoint the most suitable mortgage lenders, depending on the amount you wish to borrow and any complications involved in your application.

Applying directly to the best lender for your mortgage needs will expedite the process and enable you to move forward faster.

Bespoke Commercial Mortgage Advice

Every business is unique, so a commercial broker won’t simply recommend the same business mortgage to every client that comes their way.

Business mortgages can be tailored, adjusted and combined with other borrowing products, so it’s essential to have independent advice to ensure you make sound decisions.

Our consultations start with establishing your requirements, business circumstances, and property acquisition targets before making suggestions about the most suitable lenders for you.

In some cases, a business mortgage isn’t the optimal solution – we might advise you to consider a business loan, asset finance, or another mortgage product such as commercial bridging loans.

A broker is the most reliable way to work through your property purchase plans and get a firm idea about the options available.

Why Expert Advice is Essential in Commercial Finance Deals

Since commercial lending isn’t regulated, mortgage providers don’t necessarily need to adhere to caps on lending, benchmarks for approval, or other metrics that apply to residential mortgages.

This factor is both positive and negative. There is much greater capacity to customise your deal to your business but the possibility that you will spend much more in mortgage interest costs than we could arrange.

Commercial finance is complex and requires skill and experience to navigate the market and decide on the best borrowing options to meet your goals.

As a whole-of-market broker, Revolution provides wholly independent advice, recommending any product or lender that we think is to your advantage.

For more information about the benefits of having a proficient commercial mortgage broker on your side, or to see if we can structure a better deal than you are currently on, please get in touch on 0330 304 3040.

Our friendly team is also available via email at

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