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The April Birth Flowers: What They Mean

Did you know, every month has its own birth flower or flowers? Most of us know the concept of birthstones and the like, but birth flowers can be a little more obscure in many scenarios. However, this is something that we strongly stand by, and we’re firm believers that birth flowers can mean so much when it comes to gift-giving overall. So, without further ado, today we’ll be looking at what the April Birth Flowers are, what they mean, and how this might influence your gift-giving.

What are the April Birth Flowers? 

First of all, we need to consider what the April birth flowers are. There are two birth flowers for April: the humble daisy and the sweetpea. Both of these have slightly different meanings, but this could be important to consider for your final decision overall.

The daisy itself is a wonderful flower and signifies new life, energy, youthfulness, and purity. This is largely based on the English daisy’s ability to close its leaves at night, opening them in the daytime to make the most of every moment of sunlight. In many cases, they’re also one of the earliest flowers to come out in the spring.

Did you know that the exact meaning of a daisy varies slightly depending on the daisy’s color? For example, yellow daisies signify friendship and happiness, while pink daisies represent affection, red daisies signify romance, and the traditional white daisy symbolizes innocence and purity.

What This Means For Your Gift Giving

If you have a friend or loved one born in April, considering their April birth flower – the humble daisy – could be an excellent way to make gifting a little easier. For example, why not look out for an iconic and breathtaking daisy gift charm or ring that will show your friend just how much thought you’ve put into their special day? 

Story Jewellery Daisy Ring

Or, for something a little different, you could look out for gifts and upholstery emblazoned with the iconic daisy pattern.

However, if you’re giving a friend a special gift based on their birth month flower, you may want to check in advance they know what their birth month flower is. Around a month or two before their birthday, try to bring this topic up in discussions and ask whether or not they knew that they had a birth flower. 

This can allow them to find out their birth flowers – the daisy and the sweetpea – which may help them understand more of the meaning of your daisy-inspired gift overall. It’s ideally best to let them find this out themselves, rather than you having to explain it after giving the gift.

Find Out More About April Birth Flowers

If you’d like to find out more about April birth flowers and their significance, we hope today’s guide may have helped, and you can check mothers ring collection to get more ideas. But, if not, feel free to leave us a comment in the comments section below – we’d love to hear from you, and we’ll do our best to help you find out more about these simply stunning April birth flowers.

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