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Tekken: Bloodline Netflix Release Date Status, Plot & Everything You Need To Know

Baki and Kengan Ashura are just two examples of the many martial arts anime available on Netflix. However, in 2022, Netflix will premiere an anime version of Tekken, the undisputed champion of fighting games. Tekken: Bloodline tells the backstory of Tekken 3 and its protagonist, Jin Kazama.

Based on the popular Tekken series of combat video games, the Japanese anime series Tekken: Bloodline will soon premiere on Netflix.

The Tekken video game series has been running since 1994 when it debuted as a PlayStation exclusive. As of the end of 2017, there were ten games in the core Tekken series and eight games in the spin-off series. With the introduction of new systems, the series has become one of the most successful in the history of the video game industry.

When will Netflix release season 1 of Tekken: Bloodline?

The anime series will premiere sometime in 2022, according to the teaser that Netflix has only so far made available.

What is the plot of Tekken: Bloodline?

Jun Kazama watches as Kazuya Mishima is tossed down a cliff by his vicious father, Heihachi. Kazuya is considered dead since she can’t find him. Kazuya lives by selling his soul to the Devil for his own existence.

Sixteen years later, Jun is an Interpol investigator investigating the Mishima Zaibatsu for inhumane animal experimentation by infiltrating the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Kazuya will enter for retribution. Lee Chaolan tries to have Nina and Anna Williams assassinate Kazuya in advance since Heihachi planned to leave the Mishima Zaibatsu to Kazuya if he wins the tournament. Both fail. Jun and Lei board a ferry to Mishima Island for the competition, and Jun recognizes Kazuya. She confronts him about his background and tries to urge him to stand down, but he refuses, especially after Nina and Anna assault him again and barely miss killing him.

Tekken Bloodline Plot
Tekken Bloodline Plot

Lei infiltrates the island’s subterranean facility on tournament day with Jack, who wants to treat his terminally sick friend Jane. Jack’s arm gets gashed and Lei finds he’s also an android. Bosconovitch cures Jane and tells Lei about the Mishima Zaibatsu’s illicit operations. Jun tries to reach Kazuya in time to stop him from killing Michelle Chang, an act of a rival seeking revenge against Heihachi for destroying her town and killing her parents. Lee releases GMO dinosaurs to murder Kazuya. Nina flees while Anna is devoured. Kazuya uses his inner force to slay all but one before reaching Heihachi’s tower. Kazuya fights Heihachi after defeating Lee. Lee starts the island’s self-destruction mechanism to murder himself and his family.

After a brutal thrashing, Kazuya attacks Heihachi. Jun reaches inside Kazuya’s heart and helps him expel the Devil, returning him to his normal personality; Heihachi sucker-punches Jun and Kazuya, and the three tumble down the cliff. Lei, Jack, Jane, and Bosconovitch evacuate the facility as the island crumbles; Jack sacrifices himself to let them out. Kazuya exits from the blazing forest with Jun. As the island collapses, Heihachi departs aboard a plane.

Later, Jin, Jun’s son with Kazuya, approaches her; Kazuya’s whereabouts remain unknown. Jun feels something is awry, but she ignores Jin’s worry.

Tekken: Bloodline Characters

CharacterJapanese voice actorEnglish dubbing actor
Kazuya MishimaKazuhiro YamajiAdam Dudley
Heihachi MishimaDaisuke GōriJohn Paul Shepard
Jun KazamaYumi TōmaEdi Patterson

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