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Sydney Sweeney Boyfriend: Meet The Man Who Stole Her Heart!

Sydney Sweeney, a talented actress well-known for her enthralling roles in popular series like “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” has drawn a lot of attention for both her personal and on-screen exploits. Fans and media have taken a keen interest in Sydney Sweeney’s partner in the recent past.

Sweeney is a rising star in Hollywood, and her devoted fans are frequently curious about her love life. The specifics surrounding Sydney Sweeney’s boyfriend’s identity and background have come to light due to her rising stardom in the entertainment business, which has enhanced her public image.

Sydney Sweeney Boyfriend

After sparking rumors that they were dating in 2018, the Euphoria actress and Jonathan Davino got engaged in 2022. Nonetheless, Sweeney has generally kept quiet about her relationship, choosing to keep the specifics to herself.

Who is Jonathan Davino?

Because of the cryptic allusions Sweeney made in previous interviews about traveling to the Windy City to join a “friend,” Davino resides in Chicago.

According to reports from People and TMZ, Davino is descended from a family that controls the packaging and device technology companies 14th Round and Final Bell. He was identified as the proprietor of the now-closed Chicago eateries Pompei Xpress and Mista Pizza in Crain’s Chicago Business.

In an interview with Glamour UK in December 2023, Sweeney refuted the restauranteur’s assertion. She remarked, “He’s not a restaurateur.” “I’m not sure where that originated.

Furthermore, he is not a pizza firm heir. He is a man of commerce. His hometown is Chicago. After six years of witnessing [this story], I’m thinking, “What the hell?”

How Long Have Davino and Sweeney Been Dating?

The pair was first connected in 2018, and by 2022, rumors had it that they were engaged. The 26-year-old HBO actor is 13 years older than Davino. They don’t have many pictures together; however, in September 2018, they were seen at an Emmys celebration at the Nomad Hotel in Los Angeles.

They were featured in photos from the Kate Spade dinner party in InStyle in October of that year. They were seen cuddling in November 2020 in Hawaii, where Sweeney was filming her part for The White Lotus, according to a Just Jared article at the time. In December 2023, Sweeney subsequently stated that they had been dating for six years.

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Sydney Sweeney’s Career

Initially, Sweeney appeared as a guest star on television programs, including Criminal Minds, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, and Pretty Little Liars. In the 2018 Netflix series Everything Sucks!, Sweeney played Emaline Addario.

The show followed two sets of high school students in Oregon in 1996. After after that, she made recurrent appearances in the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects as Alice, the flatmate Amy Adams’s character, meets at a mental hospital.

The director continued bringing her in for extra sequences even though her character was only supposed to have a minor one.

In preparation for the part, Sweeney toured institutions where patients engaged in self-harming behaviors and read accounts of females who had mental illness and self-harm.

She concurrently filmed Sharp Objects and Everything Sucks!, the latter on weekends and the former throughout the week. In 2018, Sweeney starred in the suspenseful movie Under the Silver Lake.

In the second season of the dystopian drama series The Handmaid’s Tale, she played the pious and submissive Eden Spencer from the theocratic and totalitarian Republic of Gilead in a recurring role.

In the horror movie Along Came the Devil, she played the lead role as well. The following year, Sweeney starred in three films: the coming-of-age drama Clementine, the dramedy Once Upon a Time in Hollywood directed by Quentin Tarantino, and the drama Big Time Adolescence.

Sweeney played U.S. Air Force veteran Reality Winner in Tina Satter’s thriller Reality, which premiered at the 73rd Berlin Film Festival in 2023. IndieWire’s Steph Green called the film “inventively mounted and extraordinarily tense” and Sweeney “the real deal.”

She played “Winner so convincingly that it’s hard to remember her as the sardonic, pampered teen in The White Lotus, or the nice-girl-turned-nasty in Euphoria,” according to Variety’s Jessica At the 2023 South by Southwest Festival, Sweeney appeared in the crime thriller Americana.

She appeared in The Rolling Stones'”Angry” music video from Hackney Diamonds (2023). Sweeney called the footage “empowerment through embracing [my] body” despite Blur leader Damon Albarn’s criticism.

Anyone but You is a December 2023 romantic comedy starring Sweeney and Glen Powell. A sleeper hit. Madame Web, situated in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU), stars Sweeney. She will produce and star in Immaculate and star with Julianne Moore in Echo Valley.

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