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“Survivor” Season 44 Premiere Is Announced For April 2023: Check Out The Latest Updates

Survivor Season 44 is here, and it promises to be a thrilling season full of surprises! This season features 20 all-new castaways, each with different levels of experience in the game. Each contestant will have to battle the elements, outwit their fellow players, and make tough decisions if they want to be crowned Sole Survivor. The stakes are high, as the winner will walk away with one million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.

What Is The Survivor Season 44 Release Date?

According to, CBS will premiere the forty-fourth season of Survivor on March 1, 2023, and will feature 18 brand-new castaways competing for the title of Sole Survivor and a $1 million reward.

“Hey, ‘Survivor’ lovers! On November 14, Jeff Probst declared, “Hey, ‘Survivor’ fans! I want to tell you some exciting news,” “The debut date for ‘Survivor 44’ is March 1.”  

Who Will Be Hosting “Survivor 44?”


Jeff Probst has been consistent throughout Survivor’s decades-long history, despite the show’s many changes. When Survivor Season 44 premieres in early 2023, it should therefore be no surprise that the Emmy Award winner will continue serving as the franchise’s face.

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Where Is The Location For Season 44 Of Survivor?

Mamanuca Islands, Fiji, will be the location of “Survivor” for the twelfth consecutive season. Before shifting to this location in the South Pacific Ocean in Season 33 (“Millennials vs. Gen X”), the show traveled and explored the globe for its first sixteen years on the air. Probst stated in 2017 that he hoped they would remain in Fiji forever, citing the country’s pristine water, lovely beaches, and accommodating administration.

Who Is In The Season 44 Cast Of Survivor?

As previously revealed by Inside Survivor, the forthcoming season will be structured similarly to Survivor 43, with three tribes of six castaways and a 26-day time limit. However, fresh twists are expected, like the previously mentioned idol cages.

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Today, we can reveal the tribe divisions.

The Tika clan consists of drug abuse counselor Carolyn Wiger, product manager Helen Li, consultant Sarah Wade, Navy veteran, real estate agent Bruce Perreault, an aerospace engineering student Carson Garrett, and beautician Yamil’ Yam Yam’ Arocho.


The orange-clad Ratu clan consists of football player Brandon Cottom, law student Kane Fritzler, barbershop owner Matthew Grinstead-Mayle, TikTok sensation Jaime Lynne Ruiz, educator Lauren Harpe, and Maddy Pomille.


The Soka tribe, who will wear green, consists of the investor’s Claire Rafson, Frannie Marin, Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt, Danny Massa, Dr. Joshua Wilder, and Matthew Blankinship.


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The “Survivor 44” First Look Video

It is a tradition of “Survivor” that the upcoming season is always teased in the previous season’s final episode. Check out Survivor 44 First Look: 

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