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Sunny Hostin debates with Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View’ over the success of non-college graduates

During today’s Hot Topics segment on The View, Whoopi Goldberg had to keep telling Sunny Hostin that you do not have to go to college to be successful.

Hostin talked about how important a college education is while talking about a Reddit post in which a mother refused to give her daughter, who was pregnant with her third child, the college fund she had saved to use on a wedding or a house instead.

Hostin told the panel, “That is her mother’s money. I agree with her mother’s decision to hold on to the money if it is not used for college.” She saved that money for school.

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I have said this many times: “Education is the great leveler in this country and worldwide.” Goldberg, however, spoke up and said, “Yes, but not for everyone.”

Hostin stuck to her position and pointed out that “most people without college educations make 80% less money.” This made Goldberg even angrier, so she reminded Hostin that “some of those people without college educations are people who are in schools that teach you how to do plumbing and teach you how to do electricity,” before telling her for the second time that “not everyone’s meant to go to college.”

Hostin went on to talk about Tuesday’s (Oct. 4) guest, Cori Bush, who lived in her car with her two kids while making only $7 an hour “because there is no living wage.” She said that people who go to college make 80% more.

Goldberg said that Bush did not go to college but was still elected to Congress. Hostin said, “Thank God for that, but that is an odd case.” “That does not happen often.”

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Goldberg was trying to say something to people like herself who did not go to college, but Hostin said, “But you are an EGOT, and that is not the norm either.” You got talent.”

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