Streets of New Capenna Release Date

Streets of New Capenna Release Date, Spoilers, New Cards, and Everything We Know so Far


The second Standard Magic: The Gathering set to be released in 2022 will be Streets of New Capenna. It will transport us to the rough alleyways and glamorous places of the namesake city, set in a new location on an as-yet-undisclosed plane. In a departure from the standard MTG fantasy themes, expect to see plenty of art deco buildings, film noir aesthetics, and a smattering of demonic beings, as well as a curious absence of angels.

As we near the set’s release date and the first spoilers have surfaced, we now know a good deal of information regarding Streets of New Capenna. To set the atmosphere, we know the storey takes place in an angel-built city that has fallen under the control of five demon crime families competing for street domination. Elspeth Tirel, a Planeswalker, also appears to have a connection to the city, while the demon Ob Nixilis appears to be involved with the criminals.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to the Streets of New Capenna. If you’ve already explored the city’s avenues and are looking for a more comprehensive look at the coming year, check out our guide to the Magic the Gathering 2022 release schedule or learn everything we know about Dominaria United. However, if you’re a newcomer, brace yourself for a life of crime.

Let’s look at not only when you can play Streets of New Capenna, but also how Wizards has changed the way they release games.

Streets of New Capenna Release Date Confirmed

Finally, we know when the next standard Magic: The Gathering set, Streets of New Capenna, will be out. We should say, when. Some people are very happy because Wizards of the Coast has made a big change to how often this set comes out.

On Friday, 29 April, Streets of New Capenna will be fully launched. You might think nothing has changed because the set is still coming out on Friday, but that’s not where the change is. Instead, the set will also be available on MTG Arena at this time.

That’s right, the digital platform will no longer have early access! In the best way possible, we’re taking a huge step back, but in the best way possible. People will not be able to play Streets of New Capenna before the game is released.

A lot of people were arguing about the fact that new sets were available on MTG Arena 24 hours before they were available in any kind of paper form. It meant that people who wanted to be better at prerelease events could get used to and draught with the set before anyone else did. It also took attention away from paper Magic, which many players didn’t like.

A week before the full release, the pre-release will still happen on Friday, 22 April. In the online post that said these things, it was also said that New Capenna is a new plane in Magic lore. That Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate is also coming on Friday, June 10, is what we learned.

Streets Of New Capenna Characters:

The set’s promotional art shows that the demon Planeswalker Ob Nixilis has gotten into trouble with the crime families in New Capenna and will be a big part of the set when it comes out. When you start reading Streets of New Capenna, crime bosses talk about a “Adversary” who is getting more and more powerful. In this case, it’s pretty clear that they’re talking about Nix from a long time ago.

The city of New Capenna is said to be important to Elspeth Tirel, who also appears in the Streets of New Capenna storey. As does Vivien Reid, whose dislike of civilisation makes her an odd choice for a group of people who live in cities.

First, Vivien is following the bad guy Tezzeret to meet the Phyrexian Praetor Urabrask. Now that we know that Wizards isn’t afraid to finish Planeswalkers, this puts her in a very bad situation. Then again, Urabrask is said to be very nice for someone who is a Phyrexian.

Elspeth, Ob Nixilis, and Vivien might show up on new Planeswalker cards in Streets of New Capenna, which means we can expect them to show up on new cards. Another possibility is Tezzeret. It’s more likely that he’s Tezzeret, the Betrayer of Flesh.

streets of new capenna cards
streets of new capenna cards

In recent Magic sets, the Phyrexian Praetors, Magic’s new bad guys, have been shown up one by one. It’s likely that there will also be a Urabrask creature card. The first new card for this character since Urabrask the Hidden came out in 2011 would be this one. It would also be the third Phyrexian creature to show up in Magic since early 2021.

Streets Of New Capenna Spoilers

While full spoilers for Streets of New Capenna will not be available until April 7, Wizards has revealed a few card previews to whet our appetites till now. We saw a variety of Streets of New Capenna spoilers during the Weekly MTG stream on March 3, including full-art land cards, a cycle of three-color triome lands, and a new enchantment card, Brokers Ascendancy. On March 28, the Instant spell Maestros Charm was also revealed to be a spoiler.

Beginning with the basic lands, they detail the city of New Capenna and highlight the set’s art-deco style. Each is drenched in gold panels and angular lines, shining glass and harsh concrete. Due to the fact that this looks to be a completely urban setting, similar to Ravnica, there are no Islands, Plains, or Swamps in the traditional sense; instead, there are waterfronts, stations, and sewers.

Proceeding to the five triomes, these three-color lands correspond to the five three-color crime families that control New Capenna (more on them below). Each one portrays a significant site for its family, ranging from Xander’s Lounge for the Maestros to Raffine’s Tower for the Obscura. As you may have seen, each one also shows the demonic leader of its family.

Then there’s Brokers Ascendancy, an enchantment card for the Brokers family, an especially sinister law company. We previously saw ‘Ascendancy’ enchantments in the 2014 set Khans of Tarkir, which centred on three-color wedge factions similar to Streets of New Capenna. It is almost certain that the other four groups in New Capenna will receive their own ‘Ascendancies.’ Consider the card’s cubist ‘Golden Age’ rendition. Please, Wizards, provide more of those.

Finally, Maestros Charm was released on March 28. It is an Instant spell with three distinct effects. Charm cards are designed on a fairly regular basis in Magic the Gathering, generally appearing in sets including different factions. Again, it’s almost certain that one will be for each faction, implying that Streets of New Capenna will have a cycle of rare Ascendancy and common Charm cards.

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