Stay tuned! Ashley Tisdale might be dropping her skincare routine anytime soon


Ashley Tisdale is planning to drop her all new skincare routine on her Instagram handle, which seems to be the reason why the actress is obsessed with her skin, loving her all new beauty regime of late. 

The Disney actress took to Instagram on July 12, to share her barefaced selfie as she announces something really great for all our lovely ladies out there!

Sharing a no makeup filter free selfie to her story, the 36 year old mommy of Jupiter Iris French, has been receiving a lot of requests to reveal some of her favourite products that she loves including while at her skincare, and being the selfless queen that she is, here she comes to announce it happening real soon, only on high public demand!



Well, if you are wondering what brand she swears by, we already know the secret. It’s time to spill some beans now.

It is no other than ‘Frenshe’, the beauty and skincare brand wholly and solely owned by the lady herself, and she’ll be showing us a proof of how is it all tried and tested.

Tagging her brand, Ashley has captioned the picture as, “I think I should do a post on @frenshe sharing my skincare routine but also what treatments I believe in. I’m a huge fan of lasers. I don’t believe in ” Preventative Botox” so therefore I have never tried Botox “.

Indeed, Ashley looks all glowy and pumped up from within, as she poses in her navy blue nightwear with earphones plugged in, truly a natural beauty!

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