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Stars of “Uncoupled” Neil Patrick Harris Opens Up About His Gay Breakup Journey: All You Need To Know

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The new show from Darren Star (Emily in Paris, Younger) and Jeffrey Richman (Emily in Paris) is about a gay man of a certain age who has been in a long-term relationship but finds himself single suddenly. Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael in the Netflix show Uncoupled, which starts on July 29. As Michael learns about dating apps, Grindr, and how to take the best profile picture for hook-ups, he learns some new things about himself.

According to the show’s official synopsis:

“Michael Lawson (Neil Patrick Harris) seems to have it all figured out. He’s a successful New York City real estate agent with a great career, a supportive family, close friends, and a loving relationship with his partner of 17 years, Colin (Tuc Watkins). But when Colin unexpectedly moves out on the eve of his 50th birthday, Michael is completely blindsided. Overnight, he has to confront two nightmares: losing the man he thought was his soulmate, and suddenly finding himself a single gay man in his mid-forties in New York City.”

Neil Patrick Harris can’t stop talking about David Burtka, his husband. During the Uncoupled premiere on Netflix on Tuesday night, ET spoke with NPH about his 18-year relationship with Burtka.

The couple has twins, Harper and Gideon, who are 11 years old. In September, they will celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. They got married in 2014, after dating for 10 years. Harris is happily married, but his character in the show made by Darren Star is doing the exact opposite.

“David and I started dating, and we never stopped, so, in an interesting way, it’s all I’ve known,” Harris said of his long-lasting relationship with his husband. “I didn’t come out till later. I didn’t really date a bunch of random people. I wasn’t around during the times of Grinder, swipe left, swipe right, so, I fell head over heels for this dude, and he was into me, and we started living together really quickly, and now we have 11-year-old kids, and we’re still going strong.”

“I don’t know, that’s my singular story, I don’t know anything different,” he added. “And I’m super happy. I’m very grateful.”

According to Netflix, the series, “is a story about heartbreak, healing and all the humor we find along the way” as Michael seems to have everything figured out, but then has to figure out how to put everything back together. The show was a great way for NPH to tell a unique story from the point of view of a gay man that was also interesting to everyone who watched.

as Michael is forced to put everything back together after appearing to have it all figured out. As a gay man, NPH found the show a terrific chance to present a unique story that was also relatable to all the viewers that tuned in.

“I’m just a big fan of the show,” Harris gushed. “I mean, Netflix has been a super supporter of gay content, of giving us the opportunity to tell a story that is both unique and super recognizable and relatable. It’s a breakup show, it’s a breakup comedy by Darren Star, so, you have Sex and the City vibes, but you also have a bunch of emotion which he wasn’t able to accomplish so much on Sex and the City, so I was worried that people would only be able to watch this if they were a gay man of a certain age, I thought is this show too niche, you know what I mean?”

He continued, “But in point of fact, I think everyone’s gone through a breakup or everyone’s terrified of going through or being broken up with, and this show is a comedic take on that idea that also allows you to get swept away and care about these characters, so, I was really pleased to be apart of it.”

See Harris and his co-stars, Tisha Campbell, Emerson Brooks, Brooks Ashmanskas, Marcia Gay Harden

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