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Smile’ Viral Marketing Campaign Freaked Out MLB Fans With Creepy Grins In The Stands

Making money with a smile isn’t a bad performance, right? I suspect not until you read the fine print and learn that you have to do it in the most public places, with thousands of complete strangers, and dead all over your face Twice when he realizes you’re more than just friendly.

Viral Marketing for Horror Movie Smile is Freaking Everyone Out

That’s The Idea Behind Paramount’s Viral Marketing Ploy For The Aptly Titled Horror Movie Smile.

The film, which hits theaters today, includes a disturbing premise about being possessed by a criminal who does horrific deeds while grinning ear-to-ear like a demon-crazed madman. The studio has garnered a lot of viral buzz since placing paid smilers last week to be located in a prestigious venue a friendly place that viewers (and TV cameras) couldn’t help but notice.

Social Media Presence

If you’ve been on Twitter lately, you might have seen the campaign’s paid smiles and macabre reactions of giant, creepy, misplaced grins. They’ve appeared in the background of several recent Major League Baseball games and even behind Al his Roker on his live weather show on NBC’s Today Show. But be careful noticing it…and maybe a little flinch.
Director Parker Finn recently told SYFY WIRE that he literally poured money into the film’s early development, testing himself the film’s signature smile in the mirror before landing the cast (led by star Saucy Bacon). Said to participate. “It started with fooling myself in the mirror,” said Finn.
“And then we were with the actors, smiling at each other and tweaking until we found it. I think it’s just the eyes. That is the secret to having dead, hollow, lifeless eyes.
Video of creepy smilers advertising Smile movie during baseball game impresses fans

Who Are The People Smiling At Baseball Games?

Horror movie ‘Smile’ Plants Actors In MLB Stadiums As Marketing Stunt

It’s pretty creepy-looking for a movie, but Finn wasn’t initially sure he could unleash the viral marketing success the studio had in mind with an actual smile. But those concerns were allayed when images of the bizarre sighting began flooding social media.
“I have to say that Paramount’s marketing was very clever with some of the tricks they had in store for this movie,” Finn admitted to Entertainment Weekly. and we were all kind of crossing our fingers that someone might notice…it just happened organically and it’s amazing how much difference it made It should have been. It was everywhere in no time.
Starting today, Smile can be found anywhere in theaters where supernatural horror movies are at their best (or worst). Starring Bacon alongside Kyle Gallner, Rob Morgan, Kal Penn, Caitlin Stacey and Jesse T. Usher, “Smile” wows audiences nationwide when it premieres on September 30th.
Who are the people smiling at baseball games? Horror movie 'Smile' plants actors in MLB stadiums as marketing stunt | Sporting News

Smile director was worried no one would notice crowd ‘smilers’ at baseball games

What if nobody notices your new horror movie’s viral marketing campaign? This question plagued director Parker Finn last week. In Finn’s debut Smile (releases September 30), a malevolent supernatural entity takes over humans and forces them to grin and commit horrific deeds. As part of Paramount Pictures’ marketing campaign, his members of the cast were prominently placed at baseball games on Fridays, where they employed the biggest smiles they could muster. “I have to say that Paramount’s marketing was very clever with some of the tricks they had in place for this movie,” says Finn. “It was discussed a while ago and we were all crossing our fingers that someone might notice.”

Finn didn’t have to worry. The smiling viewer actually went viral on his social media, and the story was subsequently picked up by various media outlets, including Sports Illustrated’s online site

“It was happening just organically and it was overwhelming how much that took off,” says the director. “It was just instantly everywhere. Kudos for them for their terrific idea.”

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Smile hits theaters Sept. 30. Watch the film’s trailer below.



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