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Sherri Papini: US Woman Who Staged Her Own Disappearance Sentenced To 18 Months

A California woman who faked a high-profile kidnapping has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for providing false information to the FBI.

Sherry Papini, 39, went missing after running in November 2016.

She showed up at her Thanksgiving three weeks after she claimed two Hispanic women had kidnapped her, leading to investigations in multiple states.
The FBI later concluded that she was staying at her ex-boyfriend’s house and was injured as part of her plan.

In U.S. District Court in Sacramento on Monday, Papini apologized and said she was guilty of lying and “disgrace.”

What does Sherri say?

“I feel sorry for the many people who have suffered because of me. Those who sacrificed themselves for my hurt women, who were willing to help me when I really needed help.” Those who gave it to me,” she said. From a prepared statement. “I choose to humbly accept all responsibility.”

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The Punishment Clause: Sherri Papini

As part of an agreement with prosecutors in April, Papini pleaded guilty to one count of lying to federal investigators and one count of mail fraud.

In her sentencing, Papini’s attorney, William Portanova, said her misconduct was her “painful early years [it] twisted and froze her in a myriad of ways.” he denounced.

Mr. Poltanova had asked for a minimum prison sentence, telling the court that the humiliation of their actions would be his own life sentence.

In exchange for Papini’s guilty plea, prosecutors sought a lesser sentence of eight to 14 months in prison, far shorter than the 25-year maximum they had expected.

Papini also agreed to pay $300,000 (£231,000), part of which will go to the police investigation. She will also spend three years in supervised custody after her release from prison.

Sherri Papini’s disappearance

News of her disappearance first surfaced in November 2016, when she reported that her husband was missing because she didn’t pick up her child from daycare.

Three weeks later, she was found beaten and bruised by the roadside, where she claimed she had been kidnapped at gunpoint. The FBI concluded in March of this year that the entire incident was staged.

In her criminal complaint, the FBI said she was voluntarily staying with her ex-boyfriend and that she had been in contact with him using a prepaid “burner” phone in December 2015. Stated.

Her lawyer, Mr. Poltanova, had previously said she had mental health issues.

In his sentencing, he noted their “chameleon-like personalities” that “pathologically drove them to yearn for family security and youth freedom at the same time.”

How did new DNA technology help in exposing her lie?

The investigation was finally closed in 2020 when detectives used genetic genealogy techniques to analyze the unidentified male DNA found in the items she was carrying.
Investigators collected her DNA from Papini’s ex-boyfriend, and after confirming Papini’s identity, the DNA was linked to the woman’s family.
According to a statement released, the ex-boyfriend admitted to authorities that he helped Papini “escape” by putting him to sleep at his Southern California home.

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Was Sherri Papini suffering from any mental illness?

Sherri Papini said in court that she suffered in middle school and began receiving treatment for anxiety and PTSD in 2016.

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