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Seth Macfarlane Net Worth 2022: How Much Does Seth Macfarlane Make A Year?

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Seth Macfarlane is known for voicing many well-known animated characters, such as Stewie and Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Stan Smith from American Dad, and the foul-mouthed Ted from the record-breaking film series of the same name. He not only lends his voice to these shows, but he also created and runs most of the projects he is involved with.

MacFarlane has a flexible voice and has done well in live-action movies. He is also a good writer, and his comedy skills have led to him hosting the 85th Academy Awards and guest hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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Seth Macfarlane: Net Worth 2022 

With a net worth of $300 million as of 2022, Seth MacFarlane is a well-known American producer, writer, voice actor, musician, and comedian. To die a happy and extremely wealthy person, anyone who is fortunate enough to produce even one successful television shot for a large network TV station with DVDs and souvenirs is a dream come true.

Seth Macfarlane: Early Life Details

In Kent, Connecticut, Seth MacFarlane was born on October 26, 1973. Brewster is a distant relative of William Brewster, a Mayflower passenger. Toons like Woody Woodpecker and Fred Flintstone inspired Seth’s early passion in illustration. When Seth was just five years old, he chose to pursue a career in animation. The Kent Good Times Dispatch published his debut comic, “Walter Crouton,” when he was nine years old. In his first paying job, Seth received $5 from the comic.

Seth began shooting short films in high school with an 8mm camera his parents had. Film, video and animation were the subjects he studied at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Patrick Henry was a classmate of Seth’s at RISD. His brother Mike Henry was an ambitious stand-up comedian and actor who would later collaborate with MacFarlane on various projects. Mike Henry would go on to play Cleveland Brown, Herbert, Consuela, and Bruce in several animated series. The Cleveland Show was co-created by Mike in 2009 and lasted until 2013.

Back to RISD. This film, The Life of Larry, was made by Seth during his senior year. Seth was immediately hired by Hanna-Barbera after his professor showed the film to company executives. Many Hanna-Barbera projects were worked on by Seth. Larry & Steve, a 1996 update of The Life of Larry, featured Larry, a lovable/dumb middle-aged character, and Steve, his devoted and knowledgeable dog. Does this sound familiar to you?

Seth Macfarlane: Prsonal Life Details

Seth, who has been single his entire life, has been linked romantically to a number of stunning women. Eliza Dushku was briefly his girlfriend. To date, he has been linked to Emilia Clarke (2012-2013).

Seth Macfarlane: Career Details

During his final year at Rhode Island School of Design, MacFarlane produced a video named ‘The Life of Larry.’ When he left Hanna-Barbera in 1995, he went to work for them.

While at Hanna-Barbera he began working on Cartoon Network’s shows and was given a variety of writing and storyboard artist positions. Toons like “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Johnny Bravo” were among the many cartoons he worked on.

Apart from that, he’s done freelance work for companies like “Nelvana Limited” and “Walt Disney Television Animation.”” ‘Larry & Steve,’ the sequel to ‘The Life of Larry,’ was made by MacFarlane in 1996.

When MacFarlane first introduced the idea for ‘Family Guy,’ he made a big break through. MacFarlane, then 24, was the youngest executive producer to present a television series to Fox Broadcasting Company when they bought it in 1998.

“The Cleveland Show” and “The Winner,” two new MacFarlane comedies set to premiere in 2008, were first developed in 2007. Two years later, in 2009, the show finally made its debut.

Seth Macfarlane: Home

MacFarlane is the proud owner of a $15 million Malibu beachfront home. There are five bedrooms, six baths, a two-car garage, and a gourmet kitchen in this seaside house for sale. Additionally, the house has a wine cellar, a master bedroom, and a sauna.

Seth Macfarlane: Cars

There are some great automobiles in the garage of MacFarlane. He recently bought himself a black convertible Masarati, which is one of his most eye-catching acquisitions.

Favorite Quotes By Seth MacFarlane

“I do not believe in God. I’m an atheist. I consider myself a critical thinker, and it fascinates me that in the 21st century, most people still believe in, as George Carlin puts it, ‘the invisible man living in the sky’” 

“There were two things that became apparent, pretty quickly into the process. One was that the muscles didn’t take as much reconditioning as I thought they would. It was more like voice acting than I thought it would be. You’re using your whole body, and some things are different, but when you are doing a character, even in the booth, nobody is watching, but my face will do different things when I do different characters.” 

“From a writing standpoint, maybe television is a little more satisfying because it’s not all hinging on one thing. You can experiment, week to week, and you can be a little narrower in your scope one week and then be a little broader the next week. But with film, everything can look the way you want it to look. You can really sculpt the final product. So from a directorial standpoint, the film is more satisfying. But, they’re both forms of media that I’d like to keep involvement in.” 

“I always thought it would be funny to have the Parents Television Council write an episode of ‘Family Guy’ and give them full creative control. Then see how good the episode is. That’s something we’ve actually discussed in the writers’ room. We haven’t proposed it yet, but if somebody from the PTC reads this, it might be worth discussing.” 

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