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Selma Blair in Dancing With The Stars; A Heart Touching Debut That Brings Everyone To Tears

The 31st season of “Dancing With the Stars” is here, and it’s more star-studded than ever. After airing on ABC for so many years, the show finally made the jump to  Disney+, where viewers could enjoy two uninterrupted hours of live programming. Producers were entrusted with finding content for an additional 34 minutes over and above the 86 minutes already in the original two-hour telecast. 

The launch party, hosted by Tyra Banks and Alfonso Ribeiro, saw the return of judges Len Goodman, Derek Hough, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli, and it posed a task to the 16 new contestants: dance to a song that “makes them turn up.”

And secondly, how do we deal with losing those minutes that we used to use for reset? Those are our two biggest concerns this seasons . Before the premiere, executive producer Conrad Green told Variety. Returning for another round is the skybox, where new co-host Alfonso Ribeiro will chat it up with A-listers and dance-off teams. 

Green remarked, “We absolutely wanted to bring back one portion of the set so that we could clear the stage and actually move items about.” As a result, we recruited a co-host and brought the skybox back. We’ve really gotten a huge boost from having Alfonso on board. He’s not only a show veteran but an avid fan as well. He has a genuine interest in the celebs and their stories are funny and are friends with many of the dancers.

Selma Blair in Dancing With The Stars

At Monday’s premiere of Dance With the Stars, over four years after she first revealed she had multiple sclerosis, Selma Blair made her dancing debut. Doctors urged Blair to participate in the competition show, which is now airing exclusively on Disney+. Her MS-related loss of sensation in her left leg makes it difficult for her to maintain her balance. She was determined to sing despite the pain. 

“I have been too hard on myself in the past,” Blair said. As a result, “don’t discount my abilities.” 

In this case, she was paired with Sasha Farber, a neighbor she actually has. As David Cook’s “Time of My Life” played in the background, Blair first let go of her cane so they could dance the Viennese waltz together. Carrie Ann Inaba, who was moved to tears by the performance, tried to hold back her emotions while describing it. 

“As a member of the community for people with invisible illnesses, I am really touched,” Inaba added. The fact that you came out here despite your difficulties has shown everyone that you can accomplish everything you set your mind to. 

On average, the judges gave Blair a 7. This adds up to 28 points for Blair. After the night was over, she was in third place with two other people. 

Blair exclaimed, “I am so grateful.” I really appreciate this because I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance but never had the opportunity. 

Sasha Farber and Selma Blair 

In her entrance package, the actress and her partner discussed her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and how it has affected her physical and mental abilities, but not her resolve to make a statement on the show. 

She told Sasha during practice, “I want to perform in a way that uses my body.” A false statement is something like, “This can only help me in the long term.” 


Even though Selma was feeling unsteady on her feet, she reassured everyone by saying, “I’ve underestimated me in the past, so don’t underestimate me now.” 

Selma’s rendition of David Cook’s “Time of My Life” was so moving that it brought Carrie Ann to tears. She told her, “You’re a real artist with your dance. Everything that once seemed inconceivable to you is now within your reach. 

Len stated that her routine had “beautiful lyrical movement” and was “fluid,” both praises. 

Selma was moved to tears and said to Alfonso, “I am so glad… that was beautiful.”

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