Selena Gomez turns 29; Have a look at the pop-star’s 10 iconic fashion moments of all times

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“Who says you’re not pretty?

Who says you’re not beautiful?
Who says you’re not presidential?
Who says you can’t be in movies?
Listen to me, listen to me”

Are you singing along with me? Trust me, that’s the price of beauty  Oh, probably I am not asking you to trust and listen to me but I bet you must have listened to this popular and inspiring album Who says?  by the pop superstar Salena Gomez who is also celebrating her 29th birthday today.

Even though Salena has thousands of haters, she still has managed to grab millions of hearts around the world not only with her songs but also with her couture styling. She is been in the eyes of the public for the past 15 years and has never disappointed us by putting on a smiling, bubblier face.

To honor this pop rockstar on her 29th birthday, We have curated Gomez’s “top ten everlasting fashion moments” from red carpets to her song campaigns.


1. Sexy Versace gown ( Gomez’s personal favorite )


We’ll begin with Selena’s personal favorite Versace gown that she flaunted in the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. How am I so sure of her personal pick? well, she said directly to me while interviewing her ( just kidding) She took her fans through her fashion look-books in a vogue Youtube series called ” Life in Looks” which released her episode last month in which Selena said, she loved the dress and felt like a woman for the first by wearing this thigh-high, classy Versace gown.


2.  American Music Awards, 2011

Let us go back to the good old days of her music career where she was all dressed up like a glam doll for the 2011 American Music Awards. Rockstar gave us another epic high-slitted pencil gown moment from the music awards but this time style by Armani.


3. American Music Awards, 2016

Selena gave us another vibrant look from the 2016 American Music Awards. She was all looking bright as the sun in this gorgeous Prada gown.


4.  Billboard Music Awards, 2013


By this time, we can conclude that Gomez is a ” huge fan of high-thigh, sexy gowns”. She was again found in a high-slit, white gown oh, again from Versace! She was all happy flaunting it in the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Even we feel joyous with this particular concoction of neon, pink and white gown look.


5. Ischia Global Film and Music Fest, 2014


Okay, I am officially concluding and purchasing a high-thigh gown for myself since it is really hard to come over Selena’s love for these “high-thigh thingy”. She once again ( Not sure of how many times I should repeat the same in the future, better to go uncounted ) amazed us by rocking her 2014  Ischia Global Film and Music Fest with her iconic black Kayat dress attached with a body chain beautifully wrapped around her waist.


6. Los Angeles premiere, 2014


Selena’s cute little red dress from Dior has got the eye of the public. She looked much comfortable and cool with this mini Dior while promoting her movie Rudderless in the 2014 Los Angeles premiere.


7. At Yeeels restaurant, 2015


Selena with this flowy, pure white Elie Saab maxi dress is legit considered as one of her iconic looks.


8.  A casual look


Finally, a casual look from the star. She looks liberated and innocent with this gray crop top teamed with a midi skirt.


9. InStyle awards, 2015


The singer clubbed a Louis Vuitton bubble skirt with a fishnet top which looked super cool and many millenials out there to buy this look right away.


10. Orange Mugler Jumpsuit

How can we not talk about Selena’s epic, orangish Mugler jumpsuit?


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