Deadly Class Season 2 Release Date

Deadly Class Season 2 Canceled By Syfy, Where To Watch, Rating & Why Was Deadly Class Cancelled?


Is there going to be a second season of Deadly Class? With Deadly Class season 1 ending on such a high note, many viewers were left wondering if a second season would be arriving, especially in light of the show’s enduring popularity. Because Kings Dominion and the misfits are still alive and well, there are still many stories to tell about them and their group.

The Deadly Class TV show was produced for Syfy by Rick Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott, based on the comic book by Remender and Wesley Craig, and aired in January 2019. As one of Syfy’s most ambitious shows, Deadly Class stars Benjamin Wadsworth (Marcus Arguello) in the role of Marcus Arguello, Marla Gabriella de Fara (Marisa Salazar) in the role of Maria Salazar and Luke Tennie (Willie Lewis) as Willie Lewis.

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Will Deadly Class Season 2 Return?

There will be no second season of Deadly Class, as Syfy decided to terminate the show after the first season. That’s despite the fact that Rick Remender has already begun work on the season 2 script. After Syfy cancelled the show, Remender and the actors looked for a new home for Deadly Class season 2 by approaching alternative networks and streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. It’s a shame that no one came to the rescue.

Why was Deadly Class cancelled after a single season?

Season 1 of Syfy’s Deadly Class had a large audience, however, the show was cancelled due to low ratings for the comic book adaption. According to most TV watchers, ratings are based on the number of viewers and the demographics of those viewers. A low turnout in any category might lead to the event being postponed or even cancelled. Despite the fact that Deadly Class did not have Syfy’s lowest ratings, the show is licenced by Sony Pictures Television and hence not owned by Syfy. If a network doesn’t own the rights to a mid-rated programme, they may be hesitant to cancel it, but if they don’t, there’s less of an incentive for them to do so.

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Rating of Deadly Class Season 1:

It has a 64 per cent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 36 reviews, with an average rating of 6.23/10 on the site. In spite of well-executed action and good casting, Deadly Class fails to live up to the standard established by previous creepy adolescent dramas.” According to Metacritic’s weighted average, the film received “mixed or mediocre reviews” from 13 reviewers, earning a score of 58 out of 100.

On IMBD 7.6 Out of 10 Rating

Where Can We Find The First Season of Deadly Class?

Deadly Class is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, Syfy, iTunes, and Netflix.

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What differentiates The Deadly Class Series from others?

In “Deadly Class,” there are a variety of horrifying deaths and story twists, including a bad curriculum and violent social networks.

Each episode features young people grappling with their pasts and dealing with personal problems. As a result, we are forced to reevaluate our own beliefs. Intense casting, dark outlines, and compelling characters make this drama enthralling.

During a conversation on a story. In my opinion, being cynical or sarcastic is not good. Consequently, we might conclude that the world is rife with evil people.

The majority of the time, babies can grow up to be cruel people. That is the King’s authority. Putting them to the test will be an exciting experiment.

In the words of reviewers, the series is “flashy intelligent, and courageous in a very evident pattern of what distinguishes boldness.” “Deadly Class” is the name of Syfy’s most recent project.

Teens aren’t interested in reading this sleek, rebellious, and second-rate Holden Caulfield and Ayn Rand rip-off on subreddits or other sites, according to the author.

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Cast – Deadly Class Season 

  • As King’s Dominion’s harsh headmaster Master Lin, Benedict Wong portrays him.
  • In the role of Marcus Lopez Arguello, the newest member of King’s Dominion and a vow made by Saya, Benjamin Wadsworth
  • It’s Lana Condor in the role of Saya Kuroki, head of the Kuroki Syndicate and benefactor of Marcus
  • José Maria de Fara in the role of Maria Salazar, a former girlfriend and member of the Soto Vatos and Chico’s ex-girlfriend.
  • It was a pleasure to see Luke Tennie in King’s Dominion portraying Marcus’ best buddy and the commander of the F.W.O. (Final World Order).
  • As Billy Bennett, Marcus’ best buddy and the son of a corrupt, drug-smuggling officer, Liam James portrays the punk rocker.
  • Chico, the commander of the Soto Vatos and Maria’s ex-boyfriend, is played by Michel Duval in the film.

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