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How could Satish Kaushik lose weight tremendously?

On Thursday, March 9 the brilliant actor Satish Kaushik passed away in Mumbai. Many celebrities and public figures have mourned the actor’s death. Previously, Satish Kaushik revealed that his weight caused him difficulties in the workplace. He committed to changing his weight and eventually lost almost 16 pounds. Read on to find how the versatile person lost his weight.

satish kaushik
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Who is Satish Kaushik?

Satish Kaushik is a well-known name in the Hindi cinema business, where he has worked as a director, producer, and actor. Films like “Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja,” “Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain,” and “Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai” are all directed by him. His filmography includes roles in “Mr. India,” “Brick Lane,” and “Tere Naam,” among many more.

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satish kaushik
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How did he lose weight?

When asked about his weight, Satish Kaushik said he hoped to get it down to 90 kilograms. I’m planning to lose all my weight this year,” he told HT. He even detailed his exercise routine, which consists of a daily 90-minute walk and an alternate-days gym session. Daily, he would update Instagram followers on his workout progress.

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Twice a year, he would enroll in a 42-day intermittent fasting program. According to Kaushik, daily two-hour walks have become a habit. He also did not consume any form of sugar.

“While losing weight I followed a protein diet in which you take 500 calories a day and don’t eat after 9 P. M.” “I want to love myself, I want to believe in myself, and I want to look after my health for my daughter.”

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