santa clarita diet season 4

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4 Cancelled! Know Reasons Behind The Discontinuation!


The Netflix original series Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, is a horror-comedy featuring Drew Barrymore and Victor Fresco. Barrymore and Olyphant are also executive producers, as well as Aaron Kaplan and Tracy Katsky and Chris Miller and Ember Truesdell and Ruben Fleischer. Fresco acts as the showrunner. Joel and Sheila Hammond, a husband and wife real estate duo, are thrust into a terrifying new reality when Sheila begins to exhibit signs of becoming a zombie. When Sheila’s condition worsened, her family was left in disbelief as they tried to come to terms with the implications, such as the fact that Sheila now craves human flesh.

On February 3, 2017, the single-camera series aired.The first 10 episodes of the first season were generally well-received. The series was renewed by Netflix for a second season on March 29, 2017, and debuted on March 23, 2018, as announced on March 29, 2017. A 10-episode third season was announced on May 8th, 2018, and debuted on March 29th, 2019.

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Why Netflix Canceled Santa Clarita Diet After Season 3?

Netflix’s famous Santa Clarita Diet had a cult following, but the show was terminated after three seasons due to a sophisticated financing model, which was difficult to implement.

Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet, a rare horror-comedy that was well-received by both reviewers and fans, became an instant sensation after its debut season. Despite its widespread popularity and critical acclaim, the series was cancelled by Netflix after only three seasons on the streaming service. The reason behind this is as follows.

Santa Clarita Diet, starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant, chronicled the lives of married real estate brokers Sheila and Joel Hammond, whose lives are flipped upside down when Sheila begins to display indications of becoming a zombie. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant also appeared in the film. They are attempting to maintain a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives while concealing Sheila’s “disease” and hunting for a treatment. A thirst for human flesh and a changed personality are two of the most severe side effects of Sheila’s new zombie status, which has caused her to experience extreme mood swings.

The Budget Model Behind Santa Clarita Diet’s santa clarita diet season 4

According to Netflix, the reason for the termination of Santa Clarita Diet was due to the company’s “cost-plus” budget model, which pays for a show’s production costs up front as well as a premium of 30% or more of the total cost of production. With each season’s renewal, the number grows larger. A third season can cost millions of dollars, as the studio begins to recoup its investment in the series’ back end.

santa clarita diet season 4
santa clarita diet season 4

“It’s a mix of factors,” Cindy Holland, Netflix’s president of original programming, noted. “When we’re investing, we choose how much to invest depending on the audience that will come up.” If the intended audience does not turn up, we consider if there is a compelling reason to continue to invest in something that is not doing as well as we would have hoped it would. In addition to commercial success, she stressed the importance of critical acclaim.” “However, our primary focus is on maximising the return on our investment dollars while also making good on our investors’ money – which is theirs, not ours.”

Santa Clarita Diet’s Creator Held Onto Hope For A Fourth Season

The Santa Clarita Diet was terminated on April 26, 2019, after the series ended on an absurd cliffhanger with the finale. Sheila and Joel were treated to a few moments of banal home pleasure in the final few minutes before Joel was bitten by a flesh-eating spider that climbed into his ear on its way to burrow into his brain. When Sheila was forced to bite her husband in an attempt to transform him into a zombie, things would have been very different if Season 4 had taken place instead of Season 3.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4
Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

The cancellation hasn’t deterred series creator Victor Fresco, though, who in November 2020 remained confident that Santa Clarita Diet will return, so eager that he’s already writing the tale. According to Fresco, the fourth season would have addressed the connection between the Hammonds’ daughter Abby and neighbour Eric. Aside from that, he was interested in Joel’s new existence as a zombie and how it was affecting his relationship with Sheila.

Regarding the possibility of a fourth season, Fresco also stated, “If everyone was available, I believe it would be something that we would all enjoy doing. Everyone on the programme would welcome the opportunity to bring the storey to a close emotionally.”

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Santa Clarita Diet Conclusion

Spoiler Alert!

For many, the cancellation was even more sad because of the show’s disappointing ending. A cliffhanger was left for the audience. What happened in the last episode should be obvious to anyone who has seen the entire series. Dobrivoje goes with Joel to the storage facility where the dead body bits cooler is kept. A frightened Dobrivoje comes in after Joel has departed, believing him to be an emissary of the undead.The Hammonds’ residence is where Gary makes the decision to get more active in Joel and Sheila’s real estate business. Gary Sheila then asks Joel to decide whether or not he desires to turn undead so that he may be with her indefinitely. Jean, Tommy, Ron, and Dobrivoje showed up for the preview event as uninvited guests without prior permission from the hosts.

Santa Clarita Diet Season 4
Santa Clarita Diet Season 4

When Dobrivoje sees Joel about to leave the party, he attempts to talk him into staying. “I converted some folks into zombies and told them of everything,” Ron explains. Sheila, Ron, Tommy, and Jean are all after Joel. Upon describing his plans to Joel, Dobrivoje learns that he is not a zombie.

In the end, Dobrivoje fends her off with a rod before escaping. They seek out the help of Joel and Sheila, and then leave. Despite Sheila’s efforts, Dobrivoje is killed by Joel in the end. Dobrivoje’s former henchmen show up at the Hammond house just as Abby is talking to Eric. The zombies are discovered and Abby kills them to save herself and Eric. After her parents have gone home, Abby bumps into Eric and the two start talking about dating.

Returning to Sheila, Joel promises to spend the rest of his life with her and bury the boys. Joel is knocked unconscious by Mr. Ball-Legs once he gets inside of him. Sheila had to bite Joel in order to save his life. Sheila’s final act was to sink her fangs into Joel’s neck, putting an end to the drama. Apart from that, the audience’s curiosity about Mr. Ball’s legs has persisted. The excellent series had come to an end, but the audience couldn’t come up with an appropriate ending.

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