russian doll season 2 ending explained

Russian Doll Season 2 Ending Explained, Is Nadia dead in Russian Doll?


Russian Doll, a comedy-drama show on Netflix, is back for another mess with time. In the first season, Nadia (Natasha Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) were stuck in Groundhog Day-style time loops where they died and came back to life like in a video game. This season, which is now streaming, looks at a different way to travel through time. Nadia and Alan both find out that getting on a certain subway train puts them in the bodies of their relatives from the past.

Alan is in East Berlin in 1962 when he helps a friend dig a tunnel to West Berlin. Nadia can’t go anywhere until she finds the gold Krugerrand coins that her mother stole from her grandmother in 1982. This is what happens at the end of Russian Doll’s second season. But beware: There will be spoilers.

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Therefore, Nadia Snatched Her Infant Self And Took Her Back To The Year 2022. That’s Awful, Right?

Nadia gave birth to herself in 1982 within her mother Nora’s body. Knowing what a difficult childhood she endured, she decides that baby Nadia deserves a better mother — herself.

After stepping off the train with her newborn self in 2022, time begins to go awry. Ruth, Nadia’s godmother, gets a pulmonary embolism and may not survive. At the hospital, time skips as she sees many versions of Ruth and her companions Maxine and Lizzy.

Nadia and Alan eventually meet at Maxine’s, which is reminiscent of Nadia’s 36th birthday from the first season. As Alan tries to convince Nadia that time cannot collapse onto itself, time continues to disintegrate around them. Nadia observes multiple Ruths ascending the stairs to Maxine’s flat. Maxine places a cooked chicken in the oven, but it emerges uncooked – usual mayhem.

Does Nadia Take Her Infant Self Back To 1982?

Alan and Nadia, finally persuaded that the infant must return to Nora in 1982, attempt to return to the train with baby Nadia. There are additional indications of the end of time. When they arrive at the station, the train does not arrive, so they travel along the tracks until they reach a train car, but not the correct train. When they board, they find Maxine and Lizzy on their way to Nadia’s godmother’s funeral. The date is 30 April, and a month has mysteriously passed.

Alan recounts his experience in 1962 Berlin, where he wasn’t sure if he was intended to prevent his grandmother’s friend Lenny from tunneling to West Berlin. Suddenly, trains approach the couple on the rails from all sides. Instead of being struck by them, Alan and Nadia begin to descend (through time? space? both? ), each landing in a flooded hall with columns and arches.

It is unknown whether the area beneath the metro lines leads to an unearthly location. If you’ve read Piranesi by Susanna Clarke, the scene may seem somewhat familiar; the novel deals with interdimensional travel and involves a flooded hall.

russian doll season 2 ending
russian doll season 2 ending

What Happens To Alan?

Alan discovers a door with an industrial appearance and enters it. He discovers an older version of his grandma, Agnes, who now works for the MTA. Agnes was the MTA employee who assisted Nadia/Nora after she fell asleep on the subway, which seems to indicate that Nadia and Alan are connected, although it is unclear how.

He inquires about Lenny’s whereabouts. She does not know, but she believes that assisting Lenny in the escape was the right thing to do. Alan is still frustrated because he desires answers. She reminds him that they cannot live their entire lives in fear of making the wrong decision. He informs her that he attempted suicide (citing the events of the first season) and was unsure how to live with that. Additionally, he asks her where they are.

She identifies it as the void, a void leftover from an unfinished task. She instructs him to return to the surface.

What Does Nadia Do?

Back in the flooded hall, Nadia, who is holding her baby self, finds the leather bag with the gold coins that her family lost. She messes with it and the baby, and it falls into the water. She finds a door that looks like the one Alan found and goes through it. She finds her mother sitting alone in a subway car.

Her mother asks Nadia, “If you could pick your mother all over again, would you pick me?” (Nora). Nadia also sees Ruth in the car. Ruth as she is now is sitting next to Ruth as she was when she was younger. In the same way, she sees her grandmother twice and herself when she was younger. Nadia gives her mother the baby back.

The lights in the cargo out, and when they come back on, the car is full. She sees her grandmother, mother (with baby), and Ruth making their way through the car. She tells Ruth goodbye. Nadia gets off of the train. She looks at her watch and sees that it is April 30, which is a month after her birthday. One Reddit user thought that the fact that Nadia missed both Ruth’s death and the funeral was a kind of punishment for the fact that she took her baby self and changed the timeline.

Nadia finally goes to Maxine’s house, where the wake for Ruth is being held. There’s Alan. Nadia goes to the bathroom again (the spot from the first season where she kept regenerating).

What’s The Deal With Horse?

A homeless man named Horse shows up from time to time as a minor character. In the first season, Nadia thought that he had something to do with the time loop, but that was a dead end. Fans have started to think that Horse might be involved because he shows up at strange times. Elite Daily thinks that he might also be able to travel through time. When the first season came out, one Redditor suggested that Horse was there to help Na

dia and Alan get through their loops. Another Reddit user pointed out that before Nadia goes back to 1982 for the first time, she sees Horse on the subway platform and he calls her “Nora.”

What Actually Closes The Time Loops?

Again, it seems like both Nadia and Alan are being taught something about the grief and letting go of the past. Chez, Nora’s ex-boyfriend, tells Nadia early on about what he calls a “Coney Island,” which is a key moment that people get stuck on because they think that if things had gone differently, their lives might have been better. In the history of Nadia’s family, Coney Island is connected to what happened to the Krugerrands.

Nadia spends most of the season trying to figure out how to get them back. She thinks that if she can get them back, she can save her mother and even change her own life. Maybe the last time she sees the bag of coins and lets them go will close the loop for her, or at least get her back on the path to fixing time. And, most importantly, she accepts her mother for who she was on the train.

For Charlie, it might be the talk he had with his grandmother, where he learned that you have to accept some things in life in order to keep going.

Are Alan And Nadia Both Dead?

Maybe? Who could say? Some Redditors don’t seem sure that this question has a clear answer. Since both of their trips into chaos in time began with them dying, it’s possible that what we’re seeing is a kind of purgatory where they work through trauma, grief, and other things on the way to something else.

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