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Addison Ray Is Auditioning For Strange Things Role That Get Fans Excited! Rumor Explored

Fans on social media are going crazy over a post that says Addison Rae will try out for the next season of Stranger Things.

The online personality is one of the best-known TikTok stars, and her leading role in the Netflix movie He’s All That made her even more famous. It’s safe to say that rumors that Addison will try out for Stranger Things season five sent a lot of people online into a tizzy.

There’s A Rumour That Addison Rae Will Try Out For Stranger Things.

Since the Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi horror show Stranger Things premiered in 2016, there has been a lot of talk about it. But since the show is made up, a tweet that says Addison Rae will be in the next season is just a guess at the time this was written.

Press releases or verified social media accounts are always used to confirm official cast announcements, but there hasn’t been a media announcement yet. The claim that Addison tried out for Stranger Things seems to have come from a TikTok video and a few tweets that quickly went viral on the sites.

Addison had signed a deal with Netflix for multiple projects, but she hasn’t said anything about trying out for Stranger Things. This seems to have confused a lot of fans.

Fans React To The Viral Claim

The viral claim about the TikTok star has made a lot of people on Twitter scratch their heads, and a lot of them were quick to share their thoughts. “Why do people keep saying that Addison Rae is trying out for Stranger Things?” asked one baffled user.

Someone else wrote on Twitter, “The way the rumor of Addison Rae joining the casts of Stranger Things or Euphoria starts up again every other month.” Another user wrote, “I’ve heard Addison Rae is trying out for Stranger Things more than twice now.”

It Was Said That Addison Would Be In Euphoria.

This isn’t the first time that casting rumors about Addison have caused a stir on social media. When Euphoria’s second season ended, the actress and TikTok star tweeted about the show. This made people talk about it.

“Don’t forget to watch Euphoria tonight,” she wrote in a tweet at the time.

Her post made a lot of Twitter users crazy, and a lot of people started talking about whether or not she would be on the show.

Addison later explained that her tweet was just a “friendly reminder” to watch the popular show.

“Why is everyone going crazy?” In a follow-up tweet, the TikTok star said something else. “Since it’s Sunday, I just wanted to let you know.”

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