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Roku’s Weird: The Al Yankovic Story; How To Watch? All You Need To Know

The most eye-catching of Roku’s original films, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, will make its premiere on Friday. You can tell it’s a big thing for Roku since it established a new home screen section on its streaming gadgets and smart TVs to advertise the film. The blatantly overblown biopic will only be broadcast on the Roku Channel.

Thanks to his new biopic, which stars Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al Yankovic, it’s time for everyone to understand the (false) tale of the adored parody musician. While the movie‘s trailer sparked excitement among viewers, the actual viewing experience is a little more challenging given that it is only available on the Roku Channel. By the time Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is launched on Nov. 4, watching it should be simple thanks to the Roku Channel’s simplicity of use (and accessibility for free).

How To Get The Roku Channel?

There are many different devices that support the Roku Channel. Of course, the channel is available on everything with the Roku brand, including TVs and streaming devices. Additionally, it can be found on some Amazon Fire TVs, web browsers, Samsung smart TVs, and as an app on iOS and Android.

The Al Yankovic Story: How To Watch?

Once Weird is officially launched on November 4, finding it on the Roku menu should be simple. Additionally, since this is perhaps Roku’s biggest original film to date, the app will certainly receive quite a bit of advertising.

Does The Roku Channel Are Free?

Most of the time, it is free. The majority of the service’s movies and TV shows are free with ads that run in the middle of the programming, while there are a few programming package add-ons you may choose from.

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