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Rob McElhenney Plastic Surgery: Natural Aging Or Cosmetic Procedures?

Fans of Rob McElhenney believe that his several facial surgeries significantly changed his appearance. The star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is believed by some to have had facial surgery, fillers, Botox, and an eyelift. Regarding the allegations that he underwent facial surgery, Rob McElhenney has never responded.

Contrary to previous years, fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia are now more interested in Rob McElhenney’s appearance than in the show, his acting, or his writing. These days, whenever they see Rob, they comment about how unsettling it is to see someone with such an odd appearance.

He’s changed since getting jacked, therefore they believe it’s plastic surgery. Let us discuss everything there is to know about Rob McElhenney plastic surgery!!

Rob McElhinney Plastic Surgery

Supporters think that after being jacked, Rob McElhenney underwent plastic surgery as he grew older. They suspect facelifts, eyelifts, fillers, and Botox.

When Rob’s appearance was debated on Reddit, everyone there agreed that he had changed over the years. But with all these ongoing rumors, Rob has not yet commented anything on them.

Rob McElhenney Plastic Surgery
Rob McElhenney Plastic Surgery

Many believed the transformation was the result of plastic surgery. According to a user, Rob was in a Mythic Quest commercial that they hardly recognized. They claimed that un recognizability was brought on by cosmetic procedures mostly the eyes. According to a Reddit user, the actor’s eyes are larger and don’t have the Manson glow.

In a few pictures, he does appear to be a crazy stalker, trying not to seem real while he looks at his love. Many believe that Botox damaged his eyes. Rob’s eyes could also look big because of an eyelift or facelift. They think his eyes were slanted downward or that his face was too high.

You can see the Instagram post below in which he looks like a crazy stalker:

Everyone believes he had cosmetic surgery. Fans agreed that Rob became older quickly. He seems to be ten years older. It is believed that people age quickly after undergoing cosmetic surgery. While you are reading this, you can also have knowledge about Madelyn Cline Plastic Surgery.

He may be getting older, but he has changed significantly. According to one of the fans, aging is a factor in attractiveness, and he only began to appear older than he actually was since the pandemic quickly caused his face to look two years older.

Here is an official tweet by Rob McElhenney:

As it turned out, several fans had observed that Rob’s weight reduction and muscular growth in 2020 had caused his face to appear hollow and older. Since Rob got jacked, they believe he has changed and can no longer appear the same.

The majority does not believe that Rob McElhenney’s appearance is different due to plastic surgery, but rather because he got jacked. Since his face has changed from the early seasons and he appears excessively squarish, most people assume he has had cosmetic surgery. His chin appears to be completely new.

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