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Review about the Scribe Plinko on the Winz.io


Spribe has provided members at Winz.io casino the opportunity to play its highly popular Plinko game on the platform; a title that features a rather simplistic gameplay experience but one that can be highly rewarding at the very same time!

Read this review to learn more about Plinko to find out what the game is and how it is played, and why so many members are already enjoying it when they are enjoying the best crypto gaming sessions when utilizing the Winz.io platform!

What is Plinko?

Plinko is a game that has taken inspiration from a classic TV game show called “The Price is Right”. It is not the same in the regard to guessing the right price, though, as this game is about seeing balls drop from a height and landing in certain sections at the bottom of the playing area.

Spribe has managed to create a different version of this exceptional game by introducing three different colored balls that represent the different levels of volatility that are available within this title; other versions of the game have utilized different levels as a generic setting.

How do you play Plinko?

This Bitcoin Plinko title by Spribe is relatively simple to play and enjoy, as many of the members at Winz.io will have already experienced given how popular the title is.

Players who are new to the game need to know the following features:

  • Gamers will need to set their preferred number of pins that they wish to utilize within the game: There are three options available in Spribe’s version, with it possible to set either 12, 14, or 16 in total. The more pins made available, the harder the game becomes, but the larger the prizes possible to obtain are!
  • Not all pins are positive or provide profit: Players will find that there are different multiplier values available with each corresponding available box that is located at the bottom of the board, however they should also immediately notice that these values can range rather significantly. Those towards the outside, where it is harder to land, are typically worth the greater values whilst those more central are worth significantly lower, with some below 1.
  • Each color ball needs to land in its respective box: As mentioned previously, there are three different colored balls that can be opted for which will determine the volatility level of the game. However, in order to win, the ball can only land in the same color box to trigger a payout. This is how the colors work:
  • Green: This color is the easiest to win from as the volatility level is at its lowest, however the prizes on offer are typically at their lowest.
  • Yellow: This color means the game is at a rather moderate rate, therefore being difficult at times, but also being rather rewarding at moments, as well.
  • Red: This is the color of the hardest level of the game, but on the flip side, it also provides bettors with the opportunity to try and obtain the biggest prizes that are available to win!

Depending on the level set, and the number of pins selected, the maximum prize on offer in this game is a whopping 555x the bet, which helps to explain why it is rather popular with Winz.io members! Additionally, the return to player (RTP) rate of Spribe’s Plinko title is 97%, too, which means theoretically that some success can be enjoyed when played over a sustained period of time!

What are the features of Spribe’s Plinko?

There are a number of special features that can be enjoyed when playing Spribe’s version of Plinko, with each of them possible to enjoy at Winz.io!

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits is that the game is provably fair for those who continue to play with their preferred or favorite crypto. This technology means bettors are able to independently check the outcome of the game and verify it to the session that they have enjoyed, thus ensuring that it is legitimate and is fair.

Additionally, the game is available to players of all budgets as they have made it possible for a minimum bet of 0.1 credits possible to be wagered, whilst they have also made it available to those that enjoy placing the biggest wagers as a limit of up to 100 credits has been possible to stake.

What is the verdict of Spribe’s Plinko?

There are only a number of positive things that can be said about Spribe’s Plinko title, with each of them having been highlighted in this review!

Winz.io members can enjoy a simple gameplay experience that is familiar to those who enjoyed the classic TV game show “The Price is Right”, whilst they are also able to check and make sure each game is fair via the provably fair gaming technology that is available. Oh, and what is there not to like about the potential 555x max win reward, either?!

If you are a member of Winz.io and yet to try it out, then give Plinko a go immediately!



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