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Resident Evil 4 Remake Hands-On Preview: Tension Amplified

It was a no-brainer for Capcom to revitalise more of its earlier games in order to better appeal to a contemporary audience after the phenomenal success of the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019.

However, the difference in quality between the present and the past gets smaller with each advancement. And now that it has at last reached the originator of the popular, over-the-shoulder Resi playstyle, it is difficult to see how much more a timeless classic could be improved upon than a new coat of paint.

Similar To The Resident Evil Version From 2002, Components Were Purposefully Arranged To Defy My Expectations.

However, based on what I’ve played so far of Resident Evil 4, Capcom doesn’t seem as interested in making a huge leap as they did with the RE2 remake. Instead, it seems more committed to improving one of the greatest video games ever made.

Everything during my playthrough, which started at the very beginning of the game and ended right after the villager assault, seemed both terribly familiar and unsettlingly strange.

Although the order of events was essentially the same, the places felt much more lived in, constrained, and eerie as a result of the aesthetic and design enhancements. Despite having seen the original, I still found myself uncomfortably tip-toeing around every corner, expecting the unexpected to happen at any minute.

The early fake-out that capitalised on viewers’ memories of the dogs breaking through the window—which doesn’t occur as expected—was a standout in that recreation of the original.

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In My Brief Playthrough Of The Resident Evil 4 Remake, I Encountered Similar Turns, One Of Which Also Involved A Dog.

Fans of the original game will fondly recall the sad dog caught in a bear trap in the first chapter and how you could choose to liberate them. If you saved him, you might also recall his triumphant return when he helped Leon defeat an El Gigante.

The dog is still present this time, but he’s already passed away. Did I miss my chance to reach him? Or did this suggest that the remake’s tone will be noticeably darker? In any case, this fleeting encounter set the stage for a game that isn’t necessarily going the way I expected.

However, the combat in Resident Evil 4 does feel quite familiar. This game will probably feel the most familiar to players because, as was already established, Capcom is redesigning its classic library using the same concepts as Resident Evil 4.

It Still Feels Just How You’d Expect To Control Leon, And He Even Keeps Some Of His Signatures Moves From The First Game.

In a matter of seconds, I was instinctively setting up roundhouse kicks and aiming for kneecaps, taking down anyone nearby. Instantly, muscle memory took over, and the entire experience was incredibly pleasurable.

That is not to suggest that there aren’t any new additions to the combat, either. Beyond the anticipated aiming update that now permits movement (which, despite There is also some mild stealth gameplay (which is now a standard of the genre but was not permitted in the original).

Although it wasn’t explicitly stated in the tutorial or anything, the addition of the crouch button made it clear that I could evade the attention of neighboring Granados by stealthily moving around the hamlet and gathering supplies before the attack started.


Resident Evil 4 Remake Doesn’t Feel Like It’s Aiming To Revolutionize Games The Way The Original Did 17 Years Ago.

You can now use your trusty knife to sneak up on the locals and attack them from behind. Although I don’t think stealth will be a significant part of the entire game, it’s fantastic to have that variety.

Leon may now resist or deflect assaults with his knife by precisely pressing a button, thanks to the addition of a light parry system. No, I didn’t. Although I didn’t have time to fully investigate this system, it did come in helpful when Dr. Salavador, a chainsaw-wielding, burlap sack-faced monster, confronted me directly. I quickly not only managed to withstand the entire force of the chainsaw, but I also used the deflect to temporarily disable his tool, giving me time to flee.

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