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Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery: A Specialist In The Field Provides Valuable Insights!!

When McEntire’s life changed, she was an Oklahoman girl of twenty years old. From performing the National Anthem during the National Rodeo Finals, she went on to release Grammy-winning music and launch a lucrative acting career.

The famed country music performer’s most recent project has seen her step into Blake Shelton’s shoes as a judge on the 23rd season of “The Voice.” Although McEntire is almost 70 years old and shows no signs of slowing down, her youthful appearance and vitality have raised questions.

Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery

Social media users’ thoughts on McEntire’s appearance have been divided recently. Some of her fans have complimented the new “The Voice” judge for her youthful radiance, despite the fact that many believe the singer has had plastic surgery.

A fan posted on Twitter, saying, “I’m calling Reba McEntire and asking her where she goes if I ever need plastic surgery. She appears to be half her age.” Someone else responded, “I want the number to Reba McEntire’s plastic surgeon….just FYI…..” Some social media users, however, expressed that they disapproved of McEntire’s purportedly noticeable facial alteration.

Here is Reba McEntire’s new look after she came back on The Voice:


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A user on Twitter said, “I was scanning through the TV channels last night and came upon the show “Big Sky.” Reba McEntire’s facelift is hideous!!!! Plastic Surgery Disaster!!! (Jello reference).”

“Watching a new episode of “Big Sky” with guest star Reba McEntire, and I gotta tell you, some of this facial plastic surgery aftermath is pretty scary,” one other person wrote. “I’ve seen worse, but this is pretty bad.”

Check out the official twee below:

Although McEntire has not yet clarified if she has undergone plastic surgery, she did disclose that she has never had Botox and has no intention of getting any in the future. The performer stated:

“I don’t do Botox. I just don’t do it. Everybody else can; it’s fine with me. I don’t. It’s botulism, so I didn’t want to put that in my body. I think plastic surgery’s great if that’s what you want to do.”

McEntire claims that a Japanese skincare regimen and a healthy diet have helped her keep her youthful appearance throughout the years. The singer never goes to bed with makeup since she washes and removes it all at night. McEntire enters in the morning with Noazir, a Japanese lotion that hydrates “very well.”

Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery
Reba McEntire Plastic Surgery

Along with makeup and treatments that let her face breathe as much as possible, sunscreen is another essential in her skincare regimen. The singer drinks a lot of water, gets frequent facials, and uses fish oils for her eyes as part of her strict beauty regimen.

The singer did, however, disclose in an interview that the reason behind her facial surgery was not cosmetic. More than ten years ago, she learned she had basal cell carcinoma on her forehead and needed surgery before she was supposed to record the original music video for “Does He Love You.”

Following the “miracle” of scheduling appointments with her dermatologist and plastic surgeon, McEntire was left with a big bandage covering her forehead following surgery. The singer also remembered how she concealed her wound in the music video by donning a white turban and her trademark red hair across her face. Regarding the song video, she stated:

“So, if you’ll watch it, you’ll see that Sandi Spika had draped my head with hair which usually goes the other way—hair or scarves—because I (have a) huge band-aid on my forehead. So that’s one thing I remember very distinctly.”

Opinion of a Plastic Surgeon Regarding Reba McEntire’s  Plastic Surgery

Dr. Gary Motykie examined McEntire’s facial features over time earlier this year and offered his opinion on the debate around the singer’s possible plastic surgery history. Examining her in her twenties and thirties, before Botox and fillers, gave Dr. Motykie a better idea of her distinctive red hair and “cute features,” which featured her slightly thick eyebrows and upturned nose.

Take a look at some more recent articles:

Dr. Motykie revealed that McEntire went through the “normal changes” that come with becoming forty years old and that she remained a graceful member of the “The Voice” ensemble. Dr. Motykie claims that the “Does He Love You” singer started experiencing cosmetic alterations to her face as she reached her 50s.

The physician said he thought McEntire had undergone fat grafting and had therapy for her brow and eyes, which had been heavy but were now less noticeable.

However, Dr. Motykie revealed that Reba McEntire’s potential plastic surgery was hidden by making modest adjustments and maintaining her distinctive red hair, nose, and thin lips. “I think it was good that she left those characteristics features because it distracted everybody from the work she may have had done,” he stated.

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