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Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & Trailer All We Know So Far

Ssuke Tka wrote and drew the seinen manga Ranking of Kings. It has been online since May 2017 in the magazine Manga Hack, which is put out by the company Enterbrain. The anime version was made by Wit Studio and aired on Fuji TV’s noitaminA time slot from October 15, 2021, to March 25, 2022. It had 23 episodes. We’ll talk about a possible second season of Ranking of Kings in this article.

The ranking of Kings hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet. Even though the first season aired just a year ago, there have been no more adaptations of this popular seinen manga. If you’ve been wondering, the manga is still being written. Still, Ranking of Kings is a very popular show and based on what we know, it’s very likely that there will be a second season. We don’t know when, though.

The rest of this article will tell you everything you know and don’t know about a possible second season of Ranking of Kings. You’ll find out when it might come out, if there’s a trailer, what the story might be about, and a lot more about this new anime series that’s getting a lot of attention.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 Release Date

If there is a season 2, when will everyone’s favorite boy-king come back? The best way to guess is to look at how long it took to get the first set of episodes.

The first season of Ranking of Kings was based on the first 12 volumes (156 chapters) of the source manga, which is now called “Part 1.”

The first volume came out in February 2019, but the series creator, Ssuke Tka, began writing it in 2017. The twelfth volume came out in December. This means that it took Tka at least three years to write enough for the current version.

Volume #13, which starts Part 2, will be out soon. This is in line with how one volume comes out every four months. If you want to keep track, Ranking of Kings now has 191 chapters.

So, it looks like fans will have to wait about two and a half years until Bojji has had enough adventures to make a second season of the anime make sense. If we’re being optimistic and a second season gets approved, it might come out in late 2024. This could happen sooner if WIT Studios chose to make a second season with 12 episodes instead.

But wait! Fans, like us, who want to know what will happen with anime in the future should pay attention to the “Summer Festival Special Event” on July 10, 2022, at the Tokyo International Forum. Even though it’s just supposed to be a celebration of Ranking of Kings, with panels featuring the voice actors, we wouldn’t be surprised if Bojji and Kage’s future was announced in some way.

What will happen in season 2 of Ranking of Kings?

The first season of Ranking of Kings concluded with all key storylines resolved. King Bosse passed away (for good this time), drifting off in a rather graceful manner, while King Daida regained control of his body and defeated Ouken and Miranjo. Just in case you missed it, Daida also popped the question to Miranjo.

Even if there is a second season, the stakes have been changed, so it’s unclear where the plot will go. But there may be hints in the closing seconds of the series finale.

Boji renounces his kingdom and chooses to embark on adventures with Kage (and who could blame him? ), and Desha is crowned king. Desha promises that he and his brother would do all it takes to save their sibling Ouken (who was just squashed into a ball and yeeted into a lake, FYI).

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Plot
Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Plot

These two events plant the seeds for future stories, and we can’t wait to see what grows from them, especially about the identity of the shadowy group responsible for the rankings themselves.

There is nothing to go on save conjecture, although, in a December interview with Anime News Network, creator Ssuke Tka stated”I’m a delicate-hearted person, so I love stories with happy endings. I’d like to make everyone happy if I can. But I can’t do that for the bad guys. The core is as simple as that.”

To be fair, we don’t know if any of the Ranking of Kings characters are actually awful, so who knows what this means.

Where can I watch rank of Kings season 2

If a second season is approved and produced, it will likely be distributed through both Crunchyroll and Funimation. Premium members will get access to it as soon as it airs.

Ranking of Kings season 2 Cast

The first season’s narrative has yet to be completed, and if a second season is planned, the main actors will undoubtedly return. There are, however, extremely few odds of a particular character returning in the follow-up if they pass away at the conclusion of the first season. It appears that you will have to wait until the debut of the first season’s conclusion.

Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Cast
Ranking Of Kings Season 2 Cast

Boji will undoubtedly return, and you can anticipate that all of his pals will join him. Additionally, we anticipate that Season 2 of Ranking of Kings will include members of the production team. All prospective characters (along with their voice performers) are listed below:

  • Prince Boji – Minami Hinata
  • Kage – Ayumu Murase
  • Queen Hilling – Rina Satō
  • Daida – Yûki Kaji
  • Miranjo – Maaya Sakamoto
  • Domas – Takuya Eguchi
  • Dorshe – Hinata Tadokoro
  • Apeas – Hiroki Yasumoto
  • Bebin – Yōji Ueda
  • Despa – Takahiro Sakurai
  • King Desha – Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
  • King Bosse – Kenta Miyake

The English cast will probably return as the Japanese cast is unchanging. You may anticipate more cast members to join our already varied ensemble in the event of any new characters. So keep an eye out for it!

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