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Ralph Tresvant Wife: The Truth About His Relationship Status

Following his divorce from the mother of his three children, Ralf Tresvant faced a scenario that is uncommon for well-known figures while entering a second marriage. His supporters throughout the world found optimism in his remarriage.

But the couple’s 16-year union came to an end in 2020, and there were rumors that the New Edition singer was seeing someone else. Who is now Ralph Tresvant’s spouse? Ralph, the gifted singer from the Grammy-winning R&B group New Edition, may not need an introduction.

The well-known musician’s main vocals in New Edition have helped him to achieve his notoriety. Following the release of his debut solo album, Ralph Tresvant, the celebrity has been rising the ranks and accumulating awards year after year.

The celebrity has experienced a good deal of relationship problems despite his notoriety and professional achievement. Two of these resulted in acrimonious splits and divorces. Thankfully, he appears content with his new catch for now.

Ralph Tresvant Wife

Ralph Tresvant Wife
Ralph Tresvant Wife

Tresvant is a gifted R&B singer with a distinctively soft voice that makes her female fans tremble. He and the other band members had won hundreds of young ladies over to their sound, both domestically and abroad, back in the 1990s. However, Ralph has always been a taken man in his musical career.

After two marriages, Tresvant is presently in his third formal partnership. Shelly was Ralph Tresvant’s childhood sweetheart and his first wife. The couple had three children together. Amber was his second wife, and they parted ways after nearly twenty years of marriage. Ralph is now seeing Monique.

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Who Were Ralph Tresvant’s Wives?

Ralph has been in three official relationships thus far. While the third and current relationship is scheduled to become formal at a later date, the first two resulted in marriage. The following list includes the several women the celebrity has dated:

Shelly Tresvant

Ralph Tresvant had a dating history that dates back to his early years. Before he married in 1993, he dated his childhood sweetheart Shelly Jean for many years. This was his first romantic relationship. Three children were born into the marriage to the couple.

Even with the kids, the marriage had its ups and downs. Only three years into their 1996 marriage, marital problems caused the couple to split. The majority of his admirers and followers think that his affair with Amber is what caused them to split up.

Amber Serrano

Shortly after his divorce from Shelly, singer Ralph Tresvant moved on with his new girlfriend, Amber. This action intensified the speculation that the two were seeing one another before the dissolution of his first marriage. When Amber was just 13 years old, he first met her.

She was a huge admirer of the R&B group. She was, however, merely one of the ardent admirers of the performers. Amber loved New Edition’s songs as a child. Ralph eventually returned and met paths with the virtual artist and visual art designer after he was married to Shelly.

The couple said that the girl felt embarrassed when they saw each other again. Ralph, who happened to be nearby at the time, had to make sure she was alright after it appeared that she had slipped and fallen down a staircase.

At that point, the two started corresponding, marking the start of an eight-year romance that ultimately resulted in marriage. In 2004, the couple tied the knot in a double ceremony alongside Ricky Bell, another member of the New Edition R&B group, who was marrying his girlfriend Amy Correa.

Remarkably, the couple had a son five years before marriage. He goes by Dakari Tresvant and is an aspiring musician right now. The son is 21 years old right now. Regretfully, after 16 years of marriage, the two separated due to marital problems.

Ralph’s Current Girlfriend, Monique Debarge

Ralph filed for divorce from his sixteen-year-old wife in 2020. Similar to the previous time, Monique—the new Ralph Tresvant’s girlfriend—was soon noticed. However, who is she? El Debarge, another R&B singer from the DeBarge family group, is married to Monique’s ex-husband. Together, Monique and her ex-husband had four kids.

The details of how and when the two connected and began dating are unknown. But it was Monique who used an Instagram post to formally announce their relationship. To celebrate the start of the new year, the stunning woman shared a selfie with her partner.

The caption for the post said, “After all, it’s 2020 #2020vision.” “Cheers!” she exclaimed as she looked to be cozying up to the crooner in a party-like setting.

Is Ralph Tresvant Married?

Oh no, he’s not wed. But at the moment, he’s in love with Monique, and the two appear content and ideal for one another. The girl seems happy being a mother to her four kids and her stepson from Ralph’s first marriage.

How Many Kids Does Ralph Tresvant Have?

Ralph is the father of four kids in all. He has three children from his previous marriage to Shelly: Dakari Tresvant, his son from his connection with Amber, and two daughters, Mariah and Na’Quelle, as well as a son named Ralph Tresvant Jr. He’ll probably soon be the formal stepfather to his current girlfriend’s four kids. See the tweet for more details:

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