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Priscilla Presley’s Net Worth 2023: A Real Time Update on Her Richer Life!

Priscilla Presley is one of the most iconic figures in entertainment history. As the former wife of Elvis Presley, she is an important part of his legacy and has made a name for herself as an actress, businesswoman, and philanthropist. With such a successful career, it’s no wonder people are curious to know what Priscilla Presley’s net worth is. But what is Priscilla Presley’s net worth? This article will discuss her career achievements, salary history, and estimated net worth to give readers an understanding of Priscilla Presley’s financial situation.

About The Priscilla Presley


Priscilla Presley is an American actress, author, and entrepreneur who rose to popularity after marrying Elvis Presley, a cultural legend. During her marriage to the musician, she served as the chairperson of Elvis Presley Enterprises. The same firm transformed Graceland into one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the United States. 

Priscilla Presley joined the cast of Dallas in 1983, playing the recurring role of Jenna Wade. Her participation in the television series Dallas garnered her the Soap Opera Digest Award in 1984 and nominations for the MTV Movie + TV Awards in 1992, and the Bravo Otto Germany Award in 1984. The actress has also appeared in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, The Naked Gun, Melrose Place, Touched by an Angel, and Spin City, among others. In addition, Presley is the author of two books: Elvis and Me (1985) and Elvis by the Presleys (2005). In addition, People Magazine ranked her among the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

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What is Priscilla Presley’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Networth, Priscilla Presley has a net worth of $50 million. In 1976, Presley purchased a home in Los Angeles for her parents for $170,000. In 2019, she sold the property for $3.9 million.

The businesswoman became wealthy not only because of her marriage to Elvis but also because of her acting and leadership abilities. 1960 saw the end of the celebrity’s connection with Priscilla as he relocated back to the United States. Priscilla would receive many fan letters from Elvis’s admirers throughout the following years.

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Business Ventures

In 1973, Priscilla Presley and her stylist friend Olivia Bis launched the apparel boutique Bis & Beau, which they ran until 1976. Celebrity customers frequented the store, which resulted in a thriving business. In 1979, following the death of Elvis’s father, Persley was appointed president and chairperson of Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE).

Graceland was opened to the general public in 1982 after she managed a trust that garnered more than $100 million. Due to Priscilla’s bold action, the estate returned all of its initial investment within four weeks of Graceland’s opening. In 1988, Presley launched her line of fragrances, followed by a string of linens. Her assortment of fragrances includes Roses and More, Indian Summer, Moments, and Experiences, among others. Moments’ yearly revenue in 1996 was $90 million.

She has also assisted in producing several films, including Breakfast with Einstein and Finding Graceland. Presley was appointed to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer board of directors in 2000. The 2015 14-track CD If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra was executive produced by Priscilla. Priscilla Presley donated two stamps bearing Elvis’ name, one each in 1993 and 1995.

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Activism and Charity

Since 2003, Presley has worked as the ambassador for the Santa Barbara-based Dream Foundation, a charity that grants wishes to terminally ill individuals and their families. Presley opposed the Tennessee Ag-Gag Bill in 2013, citing her and Elvis’ love of horses and her concern that the measure would impede animal abuse investigations. According to reports, Presley left the Church of Scientology in 2017, a claim she contests.

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Assets and Properties

Presley listed her Brentwood residence for $3.65 million in 2019. Three years after her divorce from Elvis Presley, she purchased a ranch-style, single-story home for $170,000. The 2,499-square-foot home built in 1948 features four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The seven-bedroom, 8,952-square-foot Beverly Hills property that Presley initially offered for $16 million in 2020 has been sold for $13 million.

Recently, Presley relocated to a 3,200-square-foot penthouse in Century City, for which she spent $4.8 million. It is a stylish penthouse in the Le Parc, a gated complex of multimillion-dollar condos constructed in 1979 in the heart of Los Angeles’s flourishing Century City neighborhood.

Final Words

Priscilla Presley is an iconic and talented individual who has built a lucrative career and amassed an impressive net worth. Through her work as an actress, singer, businesswoman, and philanthropist, she has been able to amass a net wealth of $50 million. Priscilla continues to be active in the entertainment industry even today. Her hard work and dedication have paid off, making Priscilla Presley one of the most successful people in showbiz.

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