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PEMF Therapy Side Effects

“Can PEMF be dangerous?” is the most searched PEMF query on the internet. It is natural to be apprehensive before using a new treatment modality. Many researchers declare the efficacy of electromagnetic therapy for remedial purposes. Still, many areas are unexplored leaving a grey area for further research.

On the whole, there are no known side effects of applying pulsed field therapy. Even many chiropractors have recommended lengthy sessions (nearly 8 hours per day) of electromagnetic exposure for some conditions. If you are still concerned about using the pulsed therapy method, you can adopt some precautionary measures.

Be Prepared For Adverse Reactions Before They Happen

Anticipation of the symptoms could help you better deal with the potential symptoms before they happen. It does not mean that you are bound to experience side effects. Get to know the science of the modality to understand its impacts beforehand and not confuse these with side effects.

An electromagnetic field initiates a series of chain reactions in the body. In the beginning, your body might experience some unfamiliar discomfort and respond differently. The discomfort level may reduce as your body gets familiarized with the symptoms. The adverse reactions you might experience are mostly of mild intensity which mostly settled as you continue the treatment.

Patients who are sensitive to electrical and electromagnetic field experience relatively strong reactions. Even then, it is rare to discontinue the treatment completely. An application of electromagnetic waves enhance cell repair, stimulate nerve cells, blood pressure, heart rate, and body relaxation, and increases energy, and cell nourishment with a plethora of minor to major reactions.

What Are The Side Effects Of Pemf?

A surge in blood circulation in tissues with reduced blood flow may result in temporarily uncomfortable blood flow. This might influence oxidative stress. You might experience itching and rashness in the skin like aggravating hives. So the patients should be ready for such reactions. Before treatment, the body should have antioxidant support to deal with inflammation.

A sudden stimulation in the nerve cells leads to signal passage could aggravate the pain. The condition is evident in patients with fractures or scars. The electromagnetic waves might also instigate pain in other blockages that were quiet before. These areas might also indicate some hidden ailments in the respective body part.

Pulsed-field therapy helps to lower blood pressure and maintain a steady heart rate. However, there is a concern for patients who are already on blood thinning medications. In such patients, blood pressure and heart rate must be monitored before executing the treatment.

In some people, the blood sugar may drop upon introducing the therapy. This is the reason that patients with fluctuating blood sugar levels should be aware of this.

The use of PEMF in patients who have recently received chemotherapy is not advisable. The therapy promotes cell repair and development that could prove dangerous as enhancing the cancer cell growth. Thus, it may interfere with the impacts of chemotherapy.

Pulsed-field therapy is effective for the treatment of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. In the beginning phase of the treatment, the symptoms could get worse which later on become better gradually.

What to Do When Symptoms Are Intolerable?

Depending on the severity of symptoms, your health expert may suggest some changes to the therapy protocol. It might include some changes in the frequency, intensity, or duration of the session. You can reconsider the symptoms once the body gets accustomed to the treatment.

Who Should Not Use Pemf

People falling in the following categories should avoid using the pulsed field technique. It is not because the therapy is dangerous for them, but it is the lack of research in these areas.

● Pregnant women

● People with cardiopathy

● Pacemaker wearers

● People with dental implants or any metallic aid

● Children

● Patients with acute infections

● Epileptic

● Magnetizable prostheses

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  1. Newbies should take the following measures before using the device.
  2. Seek expert advice before the treatment.
  3. Carefully read the manual.
  4. For direct application, make sure that your skin is clean.
  5. For the safe side, remove any metal accessories you are wearing.
  6. Avoid using any ointment before the application.


The use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a popular health trend these days. Some people are doubtful about the use of the new technique. It is because there is a scope for further studies of the impact of technology in many health areas.

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