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What’s Pedro Pascal Doing In Merge Mansion Teaser Trailer?

Hold up, did you catch that? Pedro Pascal, who’s been killing it as Din Djarin on Disney+’s epic Star Wars series The Mandalorian, is now popping up in a gaming ad! But that’s not all, folks. Pascal has been keeping himself super busy lately with another exciting live-action project that just hit the scene. While we’re still recovering from the record-breaking finale of the HBO Max adaptation of The Last of Us, Pascal is already starring in a mysterious short film for Merge Mansion, directed by the talented Martin Werner.

Merge Mansion is a popular and mysterious mobile game developed by Metacore, based in Helsinki. The short film features Pascal as Detective Tim Rockford, who investigates the secrets of the Boulton family in their mansion by learning to think like a grandma for his interrogation. The short film has three versions, and Screen Rant is exclusively debuting one of them.

In an interview, Pedro Pascal expressed how excited he was to be part of the Merge Mansion story. He said, “Merge Mansion has created a fascinating story centered around family drama filled with mystery and secrets that has captivated fans all around the world through their entertaining and unpredictable video campaigns. Making this short film for Merge Mansion was truly a unique experience and I had so much fun working with Martin to fulfill his vision and bring the lore of Merge Mansion to life.”

Director Martin Werner also shared his experience of working on this campaign. He said, “Getting the opportunity to translate the Merge Mansion game into a mockumentary short gave the crew and I the opportunity to flex all our filmic muscles. Being able to structure everything around a world-class actor like Pedro Pascal took the concept to a higher level, and I am truly proud of what we have been able to put together; it required sheer precision and teamwork from the entire crew who all performed to the highest level from start to finish.”

To celebrate the release of the highly-anticipated update planned for March 28th, Metacore is transforming the famed Paramour Estate into the Boulton family mansion for an immersive experience that is part live-action theater, part escape room, and part lore museum. Pedro Pascal and other special guests will join the Metacore team for this momentous occasion.

But that’s not all! Metacore also released a couple of new trailers for their game Merge Mansion, featuring Pedro Pascal in the role of a detective. The trailers show Pascal encouraging players to think like a grandma to solve the case. The game’s director, Martin Werner, said, “Although Pedro is playing a fictional character here, the legacy of his previous work felt like it combined perfectly with our take on the Merge Mansion universe.”

In summary, Pedro Pascal has been busy lately with his latest project, a mysterious Merge Mansion short film directed by Martin Werner. Metacore released two trailers featuring Pascal, encouraging players to think like a grandma to solve the case.

With these trailers, Pascal and the game’s director hope to entice fans to join in on the fun and excitement of Merge Mansion.

So, mark your calendars for March 28th and get ready to join Detective Tim Rockford on his quest to uncover the secrets of the Boulton family. With Pedro Pascal at the helm, Merge Mansion is sure to be an experience unlike any other.

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