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Patrick Swayze Son American football Player: Who Is His Mystery Child?

Patrick Swayze, an American actor, dancer, and singer, is rumored to have a son named Jason Whittle. Born on March 7, 1975, at the age of 48, he is a former American football guard.

After Patrick Swayze, Jason Whittle’s purported father, died, he became a public figure. Swayze was a respected figure in the American film and television business for more than three decades.

Meanwhile, he and his wife of over 30 years failed to have any children before he passed away. What really happened to Jason? I say we find out.

Patrick Swayze Son

Today, paternity scandals are commonplace, especially in the celebrity world. To determine paternity, some parents have submitted their children to DNA testing. Patrick Swayze, the man Jason claims is his father, tied the knot with Lisa Niemi in June 1975.

They started dating in 1970 and were married in 1975. They were married for 34 years before Swayze’s untimely passing on September 14, 2009, due to cardiac arrest and pancreatic cancer.

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi were married for 34 years before he passed away. However, they did not have any children of their own or adopt any. They also never spoke about their childlessness in public or in the media. No one knows why they haven’t been able to start a family yet.

However, Lisa had a miscarriage early in their marriage, as evidenced by medical records. Meanwhile, numerous internet sources claimed, some years after Patrick Swayze’s death, that he had fathered a child when he was 20 years old, shortly before he married his wife.

He had a son with a woman named Bonnie Kay, and they called him Jason. According to legend, Swayze had a one-night relationship with Jason when they were both in their “casanova” stages in Houston.

Meanwhile, Bonnie Kay has also died, like Patrick before her. After a brief bout with cancer, she apparently passed away in 2012. Bonnie Kay, Jason’s alleged biological mother, remains a mystery.

Patrick Swayze Son Career

American football is Jason’s game. He’s the team’s primary striker. He took up the sport of football throughout his high school years and kept playing for Southwest Missouri State throughout college.

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He was a huge fan of Taco Bell, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Buffalo Bills before launching his career into the National Football League and playing for the New York Giants.

Patrick Swayze Personal Life

In Hollywood, few couples can compare to Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze. Throughout their 34 years of marriage, Swayze and his wife were each other’s rock. Patrick relied on Lisa’s support as he fought pancreatic cancer. The pair had ups and downs, but there were times when it was like a fairytale.

They initially met in 1975 when Patrick’s mother ran a dance business in Texas. They had to go their separate ways for a year in 2003 when the actor acquired an alcohol problem, but they eventually got back together.

They had been married for more than 30 years. During his lifetime, the actor revealed that he and his wife, Lisa Niemi, were heartbroken by the loss of a pregnancy after the first trimester. They tried to have another child after Lisa’s miscarriage but were unsuccessful. He passed away in 2009.

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